Where to Find All Rooster Locations in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Amigo Chicharron, a rooster, in a crate during the Ubisoft Chicharron run trailer.

When you wind up in the region of Madrugada in Far Cry 6, you will come across the Tekken-style mini-game called Cockfighting. This game features the use of Roosters, a form of in-game collectible, fighting against each other. For those looking to expand their Rooster collection and unlock some achievements for having done so, below we explain exactly where to find all 13 available Roosters in the game, and how you go about unlocking the final 6 Roosters too.

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Where to Find All Roosters in Far Cry 6

The map above explicitly shows you all the locations of the 13 available Roosters, many of which you'll find at farms in crates. However, we have also gone into detail below regarding exactly where you can find each of them and what their names are!

Map Genie also has the full map of Far Cry 6's Yara. It has features that allow you to customise it with exactly what you're looking for, and to mark off what you've already found or cleared. Check it out by heading here.

Roosters In Madrugada

  • El Raton — This is likely the first Rooster you will acquire and is in a crate besides the Cockfighting ring at Montero Farm.
  • El Dorado — This Rooster is only available during or after the 'Spur of the Moment' Yaran story, and can be found inside a bunker slightly north of Catalejo Ridge.
  • El Aguila — This Rooster will be located east of the Cortina River, in a crate atop a mountain that has a small camp. Use the zipline on the mountain to locate the Rooster crate.
  • Acero — Just northeast of Verdera, there is a small camp with a shack and a thatched house, there is another brown crate in front of the shack that contains the Rooster.

Roosters In Valle De Oro

  • El Pico — In the center of the area of El Pico, there is a blue house. At the back of the house, there is another brown crate where you can find this Rooster.
  • El Fenix — South of Fragoso Escarpment and east of the Forrestal River, there is a warehouse dedicated to hay. In a corner of the outside of the warehouse, you will find a crate containing the Rooster surrounded by other larger crates and sandbags.
  • La Muerte Negra — Northwest of Seguna is a small chicken coop, and there is a small brown crate containing this Rooster towards the back.
  • Papacito — Northwest of the Salto Del Espiritu Waterfall, there is another small encampment of tanks and other materials. Under the thatched roof shelter, there is a crate containing this Rooster.

Roosters In El Este

  • El Huevo — Northwest of Madona River, you will find a small house that you can enter and loot. On the second floor of this house in a small room where you will find the crate containing this Rooster under a window.
  • El Gallo Magnifico — This Rooster is only available during the 'Everything to Lose' Yaran Story, so you won't miss it while you're completing this. However, the blue house the Rooster will be located in is southeast of Rahe Plateau behind a door that is locked by a key. Do not fear, as you will acquire the key during this mission and be able to collect the Rooster too.
  • La Bala De Plata — South of Basilica De La Virgin and not too far from Valle De Oro's coast, you'll find a small farm that you can loot for Gasolina and other materials. Next to a thatched roof shack, there is a wooden cart containing the crate with this Rooster inside it.
  • Hermoso — Southwest of Higado Lake, there is a small farm. The crate containing this Rooster can be found inside a brick animal stall that is filled with sand.

Roosters In Esperanza

  • La Bestia Blanca — This Rooster is southwest of Hotel Paraiso, where you will find yourself completing some operations later on in the main story. Close to the coast of Roja Bay, there is a green coloured house with broken doors and gated windows. You will find the crate containing this Rooster in the kitchen.

Unlocking Roosters Using Ubisoft Connect

There are 19 Roosters to collect in total, as you will see in the below image. This guide details where you can find 13 of them available around Yara. The remaining 6 Roosters are rewards under the 'Yara's Avian Mercenaries' section that can be acquired from Ubisoft Connect. For these Roosters to be redeemed, you will need to ensure that your Ubisoft account is connected to your game and that you're playing online.

It's important to note that even if you do not unlock the 6 Roosters that can be attained from Ubisoft Connect, you can still earn the Rooster Trophy for collecting the 13 that are available in-game! You can also check out your collection of Roosters in the Collection menu shown below. Checking this regularly will show you which Roosters you've found and which ones you're yet to go and unlock.

The Collection area of the Far Cry 6 menu, featuring Roosters.
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If you manage to acquire six Roosters, you'll unlock the achievement 'Cock of the Walk', and for ten Roosters, the 'Ten Piece Nuggets' achievement will be unlocked. You can find out more about Far Cry 6 achievements here.

Good luck trying to build up your collection of Roosters! If the one Rooster friend you're looking for happens to be the Amigo known as Chicharron, we have a handy guide on how to unlock him and all other Amigos too. Additionally, if you're going to the efforts of trying to scavenge for as many collectibles as you can, it's definitely worth checking out our guide on where to find all 15 USB Sticks too.

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