Far Cry 6: All Achievements, Trophies and How To Get Them

The Far Cry series has never been low on achievements, Far Cry 6 included. Across Yara, there is an abundance of achievements for you to unlock as you fight against Anton Castillo's oppressive regime. None of the achievements give too much away in terms of story, either, so you can check out what achievements are available without fear of spoilers.

Here, we have listed all the achievements available in Far Cry 6, and exactly how to unlock each of them.

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Completing Operations

  • Just Getting Started: Complete an Operation
  • Good Boys Get Treats: Complete the Operation "Who's a Good Boy?"
  • Escape from Isla Santuario: Complete the Operation "Libertad Rises"
  • Bad Intel: Complete the Operation "Paradise Lost"
  • The Show Must Go On: Complete the Operation "Guerrilla Radio"
  • War of Attrition: Complete 20 Operations
  • Freeing Yara: Complete all Operations. The ending isn't one to be missed.

Completing Side Quests

  • Spared No Expense: Complete the Special Operation "Mesozoico"
  • Master Tactician: Complete 5 Bandido Operations
  • Checkmate: Capture 20 Checkpoints
  • Resistor: Capture 10 FND Bases
  • Reclaimer: Capture all FND Bases
  • Junior Treasure Hunter: Complete 5 Treasure Hunts
  • Expert Treasure Hunter: Complete all Treasure Hunts
  • Fun fact, there's an Indian Jones inspired Treasure Hunt to embark on too.

Collecting Weapons and Gear

  • Pack Animal: Acquire 3 Supremos
  • Reign Supreme: Acquire 6 Supremos
  • DIY: Acquire 5 of Juan's Resolver Weapons
  • Ingenious: Acquire all of Juan's Resolver Weapons
  • Gunslinger: Collect 5 Sidearm Weapons
  • Safety First: Collect 10 pieces of Head Gear
  • Gun Collector: Collect 30 Custom or Overclocked Primary Weapons

Gathering Collectibles

Mini-Games and Races

  • Dale Agua: Win 5 Dominoes games
  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Win 3 Cockfights
  • Street Racer: Win a Gran Premio
  • Cruisin' Y.A.R.A.: Win 3 Gran Premios

Even if you don't win, participating in your first Gran Premio Race will unlock you something nice... Learn more about how to take part in mini-games here.

Killing Enemies

  • Stick Them with the Pointy End: Take out 10 soldiers with Throwing Knives or Throwing Axes
  • Grenadier: Kill 15 soldiers with explosives
  • Innovation in Automation: Take out 15 soldiers with the Auto-Turret
  • Dani's Creed: Perform 20 "Death From Above" Machete Kills on soldiers

In particular, we think Dani's Creed will be a lot of fun as we attempt to stealthily get our machete kills on Castillo's soldiers. Especially with the Gladiador Supremo equipped too.

For some players, these achievements are perhaps lacking a little, but that doesn't mean it won't be a fun challenge trying to collect all of them! We certainly think that completing all the Treasure Hunts and acquiring all of Juan's Resolver Weapons will be good fun.

If achievements aren't the only thing you enjoy unlocking, check out how to unlock all Far Cry 6 Rides and the best weapons for your Arsenal.

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