Far Cry 6: Beginners Tips and Tricks

You may have seen some 'totally real' tips and tricks on how to get around Yara from Far Cry 6's main antagonist himself — Anton Castillo — shown below. However, you may have noticed that Giancarlo Esposito's character is not on your side. With this in mind, we have a handful of useful tips that are bound to ensure the success of your journey as Dani Rojas, a guerrilla fighter with Libertad!

In this guide, for both beginners and Far Cry veterans, we discuss weapons, Amigo's, and travelling around Yara.

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Using Your Phone to Identify Enemies, and Don't Underestimate Their Eyesight

That's right. Your phone is even smarter while you take on the role of a guerrilla in Yara. Acquired from Lita at the very beginning of the game and somehow still working after you wash up on the shore, the phone is incredibly useful.

Not only can you use it to save picturesque photos, but you can use it to zoom in on, identify and scan your enemies. Every time you approach one of Anton Castillo's bases, or a Military Target, use your phone to scan enemies and learn what their weaknesses are. This will strengthen your fight.

Additionally, if you're taking a stealthy approach to Far Cry 6, don't underestimate the eyesight of your enemies. On your HUD, bars will appear, displaying whether you're in the line of sight of Castillo's soldiers. Keep an eye on this when manoeuvring around them to try and not be spotted.

Use Resolver Workbenches and Supremos

A Resolver Workbench at Clara's Camp in Far Cry 6.
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This will very quickly become natural to you. Whenever you are granted the opportunity to use your phone to learn of your enemies weaknesses, you should then modify your weapons to suit this.

More often than not, there will be a Resolver Workbench nearby all operation locations — marked by a small tool icon on your HUD. Here, you can change various mods on your rifles, pistols and whatever other weaponry you have. If your enemy is weak to Armor Piercing Bullets, make sure to equip those in your Ammo Socket, and so forth. This will make you attacking those enemies much easier.

Additionally, your backpacks — known as Supremos — will be vital for your fight across Yara. Check out our guide on them here, and be sure to utilise them during operations to help take out Castillo's soldiers and reclaim Yara.

Recruit an Amigo to Fight by Your Side

Chorizo, a Dachshund dog and stealth Amigo, in Far Cry 6.
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Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and being a lone guerrilla can be tough. Yet, Far Cry 6's Amigos — animal companions who will fight alongside you — make great company.

You can dismiss the animals whenever you want, but for the most part, you will want to use them to the best of your ability. There are seven acquirable Amigos across Yara, and we go in depth about how to unlock each of them here.

If you're attempting a stealthy attack, Chorizo (a dog), will quite literally distract your enemies with how cute he is, so you can go in for the kill. On the other hand, Guapo (a crocodile, and the first Amigo you will unlock) is better for going in all guns blazing. He will tear your enemies to shreds as you put bullets into other enemies and reclaim Yara.

We recommend unlocking Chicharron the angry rooster, or Oluso the stealthy panther, depending on whether your style of gameplay is combat or stealth based.

Using Horses and Commandeer Vehicles to Get Around Quicker

As you start Far Cry 6, getting from A to B can take a while before you acquire a Ride of your own. In these instances, you can find horses or commandeer the vehicles of others to help get you to your destination.

This is particularly useful if you've just tackled a Military Target or Checkpoint that you may have accidentally stumbled upon. To get out of there quickly, just commandeer one of their trucks and off you go. For off-roading and mountain terrains, there'll more often than not be a horse nearby for you to hop on and ride away with.

Your Rides Can Drive Themselves

Information on Rides in Far Cry 6.
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For those of us who aren't so good at driving in games, Far Cry 6's Rides can drive themselves. Hop into your Ride, select your destination on the map, and select the 'Follow Road' option in the Ride's menu for it to drive itself.

You may still want to keep your own eyes on the road, though, in case your Ride somehow drives itself into another or gets stuck on a corner. Besides that, this is a nice way to see Yara without worrying too much about wrecking your nice Ride.

Refilling Ammo and Changing Fire Rate

On the topic of Rides, you can use the trunk of your Ride to refill your ammo whenever you need it. This means that even when you aren't about to drive to the next point in your journey, they can be useful to have on standby. However, do note that you can only use your Ride's trunk to refill your ammo once every thirty minutes.

In addition, multiple camps or reclaimed areas will also have crates of ammo that you can use to top up. After fighting for freedom, don't forget to find these alongside other loot — such as metal scraps and gasolina, that can be used for your weaponry.

You can also preserve ammo (or fire through it) by adjusting the fire rate of your weapons. This can be done by opening your weapons roster and changing between Burst, Single, and Full Auto. It's up to you what you think is best for the operation and your play style.

Keep Your Weapon Holstered to Avoid Trouble

This is something that you'll learn pretty quickly, but Yara is under an incredibly oppressive regime, with soldiers around every corner.

Unless you want to anger Castillo's army and commence attacks outside your operations and side missions, keep your weapon holstered at all times when you're not using it. This will keep you on the good side of the soldiers and make travelling around Yara between operations much easier.

That is, unless, you want a fight wherever possible. This will affect your notoriety across Yara, but will help to raise your rank and gain extra XP if you're trying to take soldiers out at every opportunity.

Don't Forget About The Notoriety System

Most wanted posters in Fort Quito, featuring Clara and Juan of Libertad.
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Far Cry 6 has a notoriety system for players. This means that the more chaos you cause, the more likely you are to be recognised by soldiers around Yara. If you get too close and this happens, they will then begin to attack you on sight rather than leaving you alone.

If you travel around Yara all guns blazing, raising alarms and killing guards, you will make a name for your character. Rather than being able to keep your weapon holstered and travel past guards trouble-free, you will find them on the attack if you get too close.

So, unless you fancy this challenge, remember to deactivate alarms, and prevent reinforcements from being called by using stealth or taking soldiers out quickly during operations. And as mentioned above, keep your weapon holstered when not in a fight.

Loot for Ammo, Weapons, Intel, and Resources

Trading Carp meat with one of Juan's Arms Dealers for resources in Far Cry 6.
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This can go without saying, but we are here to remind you to not forget to loot. Sometimes, you may think you don't need the extra metal scraps or ammo. However, after many operations have been completed, or enemies cleared out, you can explore the area to find intel and other goodies.

The case for a lot of Far Cry 6's main story operations is that there will often be keycards lying around on desks or on corpses of soldiers. You will find that these unlock private rooms with ammo and new weapons, so be sure to thoroughly loot areas even when you think you're done with them. Additionally, you will regularly find notes containing intel, too. These can help with the operation you're on, reveal hunting locations, and unlock side missions. So, keep an eye out for glistening notes!

Again, resources are highly important in Far Cry 6 when it comes to modifying weapons, building your Guerrilla Camps, and upgrading gear. So, be certain to pick this all up where you get the chance. Alternatively, if you're running low on resources you need, hunting animals such as crocodiles or going fishing is a good idea. You can then trade their meat with Juan's Arms Dealers for extra resources.

Finally, be sure to make the most of Far Cry's biggest map yet — the troubled yet picturesque Yara. There is a wealth of operations, side quests and collectables to consider as you take on the role of guerrilla fighter and start a revolution against Anton Castillo. As you work to free Yara from his oppressive regime, take some time to see what else each region has to offer you, too.

We recommend getting the Triada Blessings mission completed and seeing what Chorizo's Mysterious Key is all about in order to unlock yourself some cool weapons and gear at the beginning of the game.

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