Far Cry 6: Where To Use Chorizo’s Mysterious Key and What It Unlocks

Dani Rojas holding the Fuck Anton rifle, unlocked using Chorizo's Mysterious Key.

Dani Rojas holding the Fuck Anton rifle, unlocked using Chorizo's Mysterious Key.

During Far Cry 6, you'll encounter the Dachshund-with-wheels Amigo, Chorizo. He is cute, with his main ability involving him distracting your enemies with his irresistible charm. However, this is not all he's good for. Chorizo has a keen nose for finding you resources, and when you unlock him, he'll come with a Mysterious Key too.

In this guide, we've explained exactly where to use Chorizo's Mysterious Key and what treasure it unlocks for you.

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How To Get Chorizo's Mysterious Key

The Mysterious Key, acquire when unlocking Chorizo, shown in the Logistics section of the Inventory.
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First and foremost, to get Chorizo's Mysterious Key, you must unlock him. Chorizo is likely the second Amigo you'll encounter, and he requires you to head on two side-quests before he's all yours.

Once you've established your first Guerrilla Camp at Montero Farm in the region of Madrugada, you can go ahead and pet Chorizo. Petting him will start the first of the two quests, in which you'll have to feed him crocodile meat and then later follow him around the camp as he shows you his hidden treasures. Having completed these, you'll unlock Chorizo and the Mysterious Key, which has 'Guau-Guau' engraved on its side.

How To Use Chorizo's Mysterious Key And Find Guau-Guau Island

Guau-Guau Island is a small island located in the middle of Isla Santuario, as shown on the map.
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The Mysterious Key reading Guau-Guau insinuates one thing, and that is that you must visit Guau-Guau Island. The island is rather easy to miss when you're not looking for it, so we've pointed it out on the map above.

Guau-Guau Island is a very small piece of land, located in the middle of the region of Isla Santuario. Use fast travel to go to Clara's Camp, and from there you can make your way to the island, which consists of a small camp. If you have unlocked the Wingsuit, you can Air Drop onto Clara's Camp and gracefully glide all the way to the island!

Once landing upon the small camp, just in front of the tent and grill that are set up, you'll find a glistening orange chest which the Mysterious Key unlocks for you.

Chorizo's Treasure: Unlocking the F*** Anton Rifle

The Far Cry 6 Fuck Anton rifle and its statistics shown in the inventory.
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Upon opening the orange chest, your treasure will be revealed and added to your inventory. The item unlocked is a Rank 2 unique rifle that goes by the name of Fuck Anton. It fires poison-rounds that are incredibly effective against targets who are weak to soft-rounds, and the poison they produce can cause enemy soldiers to turn against each other too. We recommend that you give Chorizo a pet for bringing you here!

With the colourful rifle unlocked, your desire for building up the best Arsenal possible has likely just begun, if it hasn't already. To continue strengthening your Arsenal, we suggest looking at our guide to the best weapons in Far Cry 6, and what Supremo backpacks you can unlock too. With the best Arsenal put together, you'll take down Anton Castillo and his counterparts in no time.

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