Far Cry 6: How To Find and Unlock Every Amigo

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Far Cry 6's Stealth Amigo, Boom Boom, being pet.

Throughout Far Cry 6, there are various animal companions you can recruit to fight alongside you. Amigos will fight tirelessly as you go to war with Anton Castillo to free Yara from his oppressive regime. Working as a guerrilla fighter can get lonely at times, but these Amigos will make tackling Castillo's soldiers a little less gruelling and a lot more fun.

In this guide, we tell you all about each available Amigo, their abilities, how to unlock them and how they can help you in battle.

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Recruiting An Amigo

There are seven known Amigos that you can find and unlock across the island of Yara. They are all of a specific skill set, such as Combat or Stealth, with all of them having different skills and strengths to help you. These Amigo-specific abilities are not all unlocked immediately but will be unlocked over time as they assist you — specifically through them taking damage or dealing it. You can only summon one Amigo at a time, so be sure to check that their skills are best suited for the enemies you're going up against.

Guapo, the Crocodile

Far Cry 6's Guapo, the crocodile - a Combat Amigo.
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Guapo is a crocodile companion and is the first Combat Amigo that you will acquire. You will meet and unlock Guapo at the beginning of Far Cry 6, as you commence on the main stories Juan of a Kind operation. When you meet and speak with Juan, Guapo is initially his companion but will immediately attach himself to you and therefore, unlock.

Guapo's main ability is Ancient Survivor, and with good reason too! When fighting Castillo's soldiers, he will passively recover health, and he is able to self-revive if he is downed in combat. If you're given the opportunity amidst an operation, you can also revive him yourself too.

Guapo's Amigo Abilities are:

  • Body Regulation: Guapo will use this ability to be able to automatically regenerate health during combat.
  • Cornered Beast: When Guapo's health falls below 50% during combat, he will become more resistant to damage.
  • Reptile Metabolism: When Guapo revives himself during combat, he will regenerate 90% of his health, too.

Chorizo, the Sausage Dog

Far Cry 6's Chorizo, the daschund with wheels - a Stealth Amigo.
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Chorizo is a sausage-dog companion, and you will first meet him at the very beginning of The Guerrilla operation. When you speak with Philly at the start of the operation, you will be introduced to Chorizo, but you will not yet unlock him.

To unlock Chorizo, you must first meet Philly, who will send you on the Meet the Monteros operation. After completing this operation and being taken to Montero Farm in Mogote Foothills, you will meet the Monteros family, including Chorizo.

Once you are there, you simply need to pet Chorizo to start the two side quests that are required to unlock him as your companion! They are as follows:

  • Complete Yaran Story ‘Who’s A Good Boy’ which requires you to collect crocodile meat and then deliver it to his food bowl.
  • Complete Yaran Story ‘Fetch Quest’ which requires you to follow him around the Montero Farm guerrilla camp as he shows you the loot he has around the area.

Chorizo is a Stealth Amigo, whose main skill — Attention Seeker — is being cute. He will use this to his benefit by distracting enemies, so you can effectively plan and then stealthily make your attack.

Chorizo's Amigo Abilities are:

  • Bloodhound: Chorizo can sniff out crafting materials for you.
  • Yes, You Can: By petting Chorizo, you will receive some love in return... in the form of health regeneration.
  • Keen Senses: On occasion, Chorizo will sometimes dig up resources for you.

Chicharron, the Rooster

Far Cry's 6's Chicharron, a punk rooster - a Combat Amigo.
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Chicharron is a punk rooster, with a spiked collar to match. He is located at the Alvarex Farm in Vacia Coast, which is in the Sierra Perdida region of Yara. Once you've spoken with Reinaldo at the farm, you will be asked to do three side quests, almost like you did with Chorizo, before you can unlock Chicharron as your own Amigo.

All the side quests can be started by speaking with Reinaldo, and they are as follows:

  • Man's Best Enemy: You must fight off a pack of dogs that Chicharron is adamant about fighting with, and vandalise the nearby water tower to leave his mark.
  • Pecking Orders: Follow Chicharron to the Varan Coast Military Archives and help keep enemy soldiers off him while he destroys as many sensitive army files on guerrilla's as he can find.
  • Wingman: After Pecking Order, speak to Reinaldo one final time to commence on this quest to help Chicharron destroy the regime army's monument! After you finally clear the area of enemies (warning, there's a lot of them), you will finally unlock Chicharron as your Amigo!

Chicharron is a Combat Amigo, whose main ability — Angry Bird — is throwing themselves at enemies from a distance. Essentially, he is a feathered murder machine.

Chicharron's Amigo Abilities are:

  • Roid Rage: When his health is lower than 70%, Chicharron can attack faster and deal double the damage.
  • Angrier Bird: Chicharron's main ability will now knock enemies down.
  • Chicken Feet: When Roid Rage is active, Chicharron will be more likely to dodge enemy attacks.

Boom Boom, the Dog

Far Cry 6's Boom Boom, a dog companion that is in reference to Far Cry 5's Boomer - a Stealth Amigo.
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For fans of Far Cry 5, or the series on a whole, Boom Boom will be a pleasant surprise. She is in fact Boomer from the prior instalment and has somehow made their way over to Yara to help you on your fight for freedom. You can unlock Boom Boom by reading the shipping note at Camp Maximas in Cienaga Nublada National Park, which will start the Boom or Bust side quest for you. Travel to the destination and find the shipping container, and shooting the lock off will reveal Boom Boom!

Boom Boom is a Stealth Amigo, whose main ability — Fetch, Boy — makes her able to retrieve resources from the bodies of dead soldiers for you, which will often come in handy.

Boom Boom's Amigo Abilities are:

  • Pointer: Boom Boom will tag enemy soldiers and animals.
  • Expert Tracker: Boom Boom can tag enemies from even further away.
  • Thick Coat: Boom Boom is able to take more damage from enemies.

Oluso, the Black Panther

Far Cry 6's panther companion, Oluso - a Stealth Amigo.
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Oluso is a large black panther companion, shrouded in mystery, who can be unlocked by returning the three Triada relics to the Oluwa Cave in Ventura Summit. To begin the quest, you will have to commence on the Triada Blessings mission, requiring you to complete three different but fun Treasure Hunts. We talk in depth about how to complete the mission, and therefore unlock Oluso, here.

Oluso is known as yet another Stealth Amigo, and his main ability — Shadow Striker — allows him to stealthily slay enemies at quite the pace.

Oluso's Amigo Abilities are:

  • Mimo Abosi's Luck: Oluso will be able to take down enemies with more success.
  • Rage of Ida: Oluso's success when taking down enemies will scare other nearby enemies, causing them to run away.
  • Mist of Oku: When Oluso's health is lower than 50%, he will become shrouded in smoke. This makes him immune to damage, difficult for enemies to detect, and then able to regenerate his health.

K-9000, the Robot Dog

Far Cry 6's K-9000, a metal dog - a Stealth Amigo.
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K-9000 is a metal dog companion that is included with the Far Cry 6 Season Pass, as a part of the Blood Dragon Pack, which comes with Gold Edition and above of the game.

K-9000 is a Stealth Amigo, referred to as your metal B.A.D.A.S.S. friend; his main ability of Iron Skin means that he receives less bullet damage and gains immunity to both poison and fire as he fights by your side.

K-9000's Amigo Abilities are:

  • Enhance: K-9000 will use its optical sensors to tag and highlight turrets, security cameras, tripwires and alarms, so you can plan your attack more effectively.
  • Enhance!!!: Using advanced targeting systems, K-9000's attacks against enemies will deal more damage.
  • Termination Protocol: When K-9000 takes fatal damage, he will self-destruct. His sacrifice will then help enable you to make your escape when things are getting crazy.

Champagne, the White Panther

Champagne is a white panther that comes as a part of the VICE Pack DLC, which is included with the Ultimate Edition of Far Cry 6. We are yet to see if there are any other ways to unlock her.

Champagne is a Stealth Amigo, whose main ability — Status Symbol — allows her to collect more pesos from your dead enemies.

Champagne's Amigo Abilities are:

  • Greed Is Good: Champagne’s take-downs will succeed more when you are carrying more money.
  • Predatory Instinct: Champagne will loot enemies after killing them silently.
  • Sonic Snarl: Champagne will unleash a roar that knocks enemies down when she takes damage.

Guapo and Chorizo are certainly a firm favourite, but Chicharron's abilities will make any fight against Anton Castillo's soldiers seem a lot less challenging. As you travel Far Cry's largest map yet and meet the people of Yara, you will find that the help of an Amigo makes operations a little more fun.

While you're working to unlock all the Amigo's within Far Cry 6, you might want to spend some time unlocking all the Rides and Supremos that Yara has to offer.

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