Far Cry 6 Amigos, Ranked From Best to Worst

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Far Cry 6 rooster Amigo, Chicharron, on top of Dani Rojas' Ride during the Ubisoft Chicharron Run Trailer.

In Far Cry 6, there are seven known Amigos available to assist you on your journey as a guerrilla fighter. All of them specialise in either combat or stealth and have different abilities that will aid you as you take on Anton Castillo's army and try to free Yara from his oppressive regime.

Two of the known Amigos - K-9000 and Champagne - are only unlockable through having preordered editions Gold of the game and above. As of writing, there is no other way to unlock them that we know of, so we won't be including these in our rankings.

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1. Chicharron

Far Cry 6 Combat Amigo, the punk rooster Chicharron.
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Chicharron is known as the Angry Bird, and with good reason too. He is quite literally an aggressive murder machine who slingshots himself at enemies in an attempt to take them down. As a Combat Amigo, he proves rather useful as he can truly put up a good fight. With all of his abilities unlocked - Roid Rage, Angrier Bird, and Chicken Feet - Chicharron can attack faster while dealing more damage, knock enemies down so you can go in for the kill, and he can dodge attacks of enemies.

With all of this in mind, as well as the fact that Chicharron is simply quite badass with his spiked collars, anklets, and colourful feathers, we think that Chicharron is one of the best companions to have by your side... even if his squawking does become a little annoying at times.

2. Guapo

The first Amigo you will unlock in Far Cry 6. A Combat Amigo, the crocodile Guapo.
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Guapo's main ability is that he is an Ancient Survivor, meaning he will revive himself if he is downed during combat. This proves to be pretty useful; as a Combat Amigo, this means Guapo will simply keep fighting and you don't often need to worry about picking him up. He's a real fighter and doesn't go down easily. It also helps that he is the first Amigo you unlock in Far Cry 6, so he comes in handy from early on in the game too.

Guapo's other abilities - Body Regulation, Cornered Beast, and Reptile Metabolism - are all abilities in which will help him to regenerate health and be more resistant to damage. Again, this makes him a rather unruly fighter! Our only qualm with Guapo is the fact that he's quite prone to blocking doorways... if he didn't do that, then maybe he'd have gained the top spot on this list.

3. Oluso

Far Cry 6 Stealth Amigo, the ghostly panther Oluso, unlocked by completing the Triada Blessings side mission.
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Oluso is unlocked when you complete the Triada Blessings Yaran Story, alongside some other nice gear, the La Varita rifle, and a Supremo that lets you shoot enemies through walls. This in itself is pretty cool, but there's nothing quite as mysterious as Oluso himself.

Oluso is a ghostly black panther and a Stealth Amigo. He puts up a fight and takes down enemies with ease, as you'd expect of a panther his size. His abilities - Mimi Abosi's Luck, Rage of Ida, and Mist of Oku - truly strike fear into Castillo's soldiers. His attacks will scare other soldiers away, making it easier for you to kill them as they flee. Additionally, Mist of Oku specifically shrouds Oluso in a cloud of smoke, making it difficult for enemies to detect him and making him immune to damage while he regenerates health. With this unlocked, it's rare that you'll have to go and revive your Amigo.

We like Oluso because of how mysterious he is, but besides this, there's also something quite satisfying about seeing Castillo's soldiers flee from him in fear.

4. Boom Boom

Far Cry 6 Stealth Amigo, the dog Boom Boom, a reference to Far Cry 5's Boomer.
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Boom Boom happens to be Boomer from Far Cry 5, who has somehow landed herself in Yara. We're not complaining, however, as she is an incredibly sweet Amigo to have travel alongside you.

Another Stealth Amigo, Boom Boom's abilities - Pointer, Expert Tracker, and Thick Coat - allow her to tag enemies for you, so you can use your own stealth to avoid them. However, Boom Boom lands herself in the fourth position because we've found that these abilities don't particularly prove useful. With the map showing you areas that have enemies, and your own HUD showing you if you're in their line of sight or not, Boom Boom simultaneously tagging them doesn't give us any additional knowledge. Thick Coat allows her to take more damage, but more often than not, we still find ourselves regularly reviving Boom Boom.

Boom Boom is a sweet gesture to Far Cry 5. Yet overall, besides retrieving the occasional resources from the corpses of Castillo's soldiers, Boom Boom hasn't been too useful in our fight for the freedom of Yara.

5. Chorizo

Far Cry 6 Stealth Amigo, the Daschund dog with wheels, Chorizo.
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Chorizo is the Daschund companion with wheels that Ubisoft featured at the end of almost every trailer for Far Cry 6. We can't blame them however, as he is rather cute. Alongside that, his main ability - Attention-Seeker - is exactly that; Chorizo uses his irresistible charm to distract Castillo's soldiers so that you can go in for the kill. It works, but only for the first one or two soldiers before someone seems to notice you, or the dead bodies lying around.

Chorizo is a Stealth Amigo and his three other abilities - Bloodhound, Yes, You Can, and Keen Senses - mean that he has a keen nose for finding resources for you. You can also pet him and he will regenerate health in battle. However, we've found Chorizo to be of little use against Castillo besides being a cute companion to have alongside you. Petting him amidst a fight often means taking damage yourself, making it easier to just revive him after clearing out an area. Additionally, resources around Yara are in abundance, so the few that Chorizo points out to you on occasion don't really make a difference.

We know that Chorizo is a fan-favourite, but when it comes to gameplay, he's not much more than a cute little pup to look at and pet. We're sorry Chorizo, but we're going to keep Chicharron by our side for now.

There you have it. That's our exclusive opinion on which Amigos prove to be most useful and which aren't. As you might've noticed, we found the Combat Amigo's of Far Cry 6 to be more tactful, especially in the later game. Regardless of which Amigo has more uses than others, there is no denying that they all are great animal companions in their own way. These Amigos bring a much-needed little bit of companionship to Dani Rojas' mission to liberate Yara, unless you're keen on playing multiplayer.

Also, if you haven't completed the Triada Blessings mission and unlocked Oluso yet, we definitely recommend doing so and have more information on how to unlock the mysterious panther here.

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