Far Cry 6: How to Rank Up and Earn XP Fast

Clearing out and capturing a checkpoint in Far Cry 6 will help gain XP and improve rank.

Clearing out and capturing a checkpoint in Far Cry 6 will help gain XP and improve rank.

As you'd expect from most games, when your rank increases in Far Cry 6, so does the strength of Anton Castillo's soldiers. Yet, having a higher rank than an operation recommends will always give you a greater advantage throughout both the main storyline and side quests.

With that being said, here's how to increase your rank and gain XP quickly during your journey around Yara as a guerrilla fighter.

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The Rank System in Far Cry 6

Your rank in Far Cry 6 is shown under your Arsenal in the games menu.
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In Far Cry 6, there's a rank system that will become rather apparent as you begin playing the game and completing various operations.

When it comes to completing the main storyline, it's recommended that you are Rank 11 by the end of it. Following this, some side quests require you to be Rank 15 and above, which can seem pretty daunting overall. However, raising your rank and earning XP quickly is pretty easy when you know which activities will earn you the most XP.

Additionally, increasing your rank will unlock you new and improved weapons at your Guerrilla Garrison and at any of Juan's Arms Dealers around Yara. We have more information on some of the best weapons to get your hands on in Far Cry 6 here.

How to Earn XP and Raise Your Rank Fast

Story Operations and Yaran Stories

Completing available operations and side quests, such as Yaran Stories or Treasure Hunts, will help you to rank up and gain XP fast.
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This one is rather obvious, but completing operations and side quests such as Yaran Stories or Treasure Hunts, will earn you XP and ultimately raise your rank. Discovered, but incomplete, quests will sit in your journal. You can select these at any time to be given a destination to head to in order to begin that quest and earn some sweet XP.

One specific Yaran Story that we recommend is Triada Blessings, which consists of three Treasure Hunts that you need to complete. Not only is this a particularly fun quest to earn XP from, but you'll also gain a wealth of rewards from it too including gear, a rifle, a supremo and an Amigo.

Capturing Checkpoints

You can gain XP and rank up quickly by clearing enemy checkpoints.
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Capturing Checkpoints around Yara is one way to secure the areas you're travelling through. To capture a checkpoint, you must destroy the propaganda billboard and clear out all of the enemy soldiers at the base. This is also a great opportunity for destroying vehicles, as mentioned below, which will also grant you with extra XP. Each Checkpoint you clear will grant you a generous XP boost as shown above, and those will have you ranking up in no time at all.

It's also important to note that you can gain more than just XP from capturing Checkpoints across Yara. Some will have additional objectives for you to complete, which can include not triggering any alarms, rescuing hostages and downloading intel. These activities won't provide you with extra XP, but they can secure you additional resources while you're on your mission to earn XP fast and increase your rank. So, keep an eye out for these!

Destroying Enemy Vehicles and Billboards

Destroying enemy vehicles in Far Cry 6 can help you to gain XP and rank up.
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One of the easiest ways to earn a little XP is by destroying the propaganda billboards across Yara of Anton Castillo and his counterparts, such as Maria Marquessa. You can do this by firing a Launcher at them or by throwing one of your gadgets, such as a grenade, at them.

Additionally, destroying enemy vehicles - whether it's the army's trucks, helicopters or boats - will grant you more XP. You'll come across trucks regularly as you travel around Yara, and if you cause a scene at any Checkpoint, Military Target or Restricted Space, helicopters are bound to seek you out. This grants you a brilliant opportunity to take them down with your most trusted weapons and earn a nice amount of XP for doing so.

On top of that, if you walk near a destroyed vehicle, you'll also get some resources from the wreckage. Extra resources will always come in handy for earning extra Pesos or modifying your weapons!

Once you've earned plenty of XP and ranked up enough to feel satisfied, you'll be able to liberate Yara from Castillo's oppressive regime with ease. If you find yourself looking for something else to do, you should check out what the Far Cry 6 Black Market has to offer or try to relax with some of the mini-games available.

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