Far Cry 6: How the Black Market Works

Lola, the owner of the Far Cry 6 Black Market, at Camp Maximas - the Guerrilla Camp in Valle De Oro.

Lola, the owner of the Far Cry 6 Black Market, at Camp Maximas - the Guerrilla Camp in Valle De Oro.

In Far Cry 6, Lola runs a Black Market where you can acquire overclocked weapons and rare, unique items. However, the Black Market doesn't let you purchase things using Depleted Uranium or Yaran Pesos like other retailers across Yara. Instead, you have to earn Moneda. Additionally, the Black Market's stock refreshes automatically every few hours.

In the following guide, we explain how to earn Moneda and use Lola's Black Market.

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How To Find Lola's Black Market

Lola, the owner of the Far Cry 6 Black Market, can be found at all Guerrilla Camps across the map. In this image, she is shown to be located at Montero Farm in Madrugada.
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In Far Cry 6, the Black Market is handled by a vendor NPC called Lola, who you will find at all of your Guerrilla Camps across Yara. Before completing the main story, she will be marked by a blue diamond icon on your HUD, and after having completed the main story, she is marked by a red star icon.

When speaking with Lola, you have two options: you can complete Special Operations or you can navigate to the Black Market. The Black Market stocks overclocked weapons — weapons with higher stats than what you would purchase from your Guerrilla Garrison or find in chests — and other unique items such as charms and materials. Its stock refreshes every few hours, so be sure to keep checking back.

How To Earn Moneda and Use the Black Market

The Far Cry 6 Black Market, ran by Lola at Guerrilla Camps in each region.
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To be able to purchase anything from Far Cry 6's Black Market, you'll need some Moneda to spend first. This individual currency can only be earned from certain activities, however, if you're playing online co-op, it'll be earned from all activities you and your partner carry out together.

Yet, if you're playing the game alone, you can earn Moneda by participating in and completing Lola's Special Operations. These operations are incredibly fun and are also replayable, so you can earn Moneda repeatedly from them.

Additionally, after completing the main story of Far Cry 6, Insurgency becomes active. While this is active, you'll have missions that appear regularly around Yara requiring you to take out Insurgent Leaders. Not only does participating in these missions grant you more XP, but they reward you with Moneda to be spending at the Black Market too!

The Black Market is certainly worth using and regularly checking, as the overclocked weapons that appear can often not be found anywhere else in the game. Additionally, many of them will have additional slots for mods, so you can customise these weapons with resources and make them even more powerful than those within your current Arsenal.

The Black Market is certainly one way to get your hands on great weapons during your time in Yara, but there are plenty of other strong weapons you can unlock to aid your fight against Anton Castillo's army.

If Lola's Special Operations aren't to your liking either, but you want a fun side quest to embark on, then we recommend trying out the Triada Blessings Yaran Story. This particular quest rewards you with one of the best rifles in the game, amongst a bunch of other goodies, including the illusive Amigo, Oluso.

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