All Crocodile Hunting Spots in Far Cry 6

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A Yaran crocodile in Far Cry 6, from Ubisoft's Gameplay Trailer.

In Far Cry 6, Yaran crocodiles are found in four known locations across Yara. They can be killed for their meat, which serves a few purposes in the game that may prove useful when it comes to gathering resources and materials. Mastering hunting the crocodiles using stealth can be quite a fun challenge in itself too.

In this guide, we've shown you these four hunting locations for crocodiles, how to hunt them, and explained what you can do with their meat once you've killed them.

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Cortina River (Madrugada)

Yaran crocodile hunting spot at Cortina River in Far Cry 6's Madrugada region.
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When you come across the Cortina River or some form of intel informing you about it, you'll be made aware that crocodiles tend to be around in the afternoons. You'll also be informed that it is to the western side of the river that crocodiles tend to lurk. With Madrugada being an easier region to get around, this is one of the easier spots to go hunting crocodiles for their meat.

Sabiduria Valley (Valle De Oro)

Yaran crocodile hunting spot at Sabiduria Valley in Far Cry 6's Valle De Oro region.
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The Sabiduria Valley is located in the Noventarmas area of the Valle De Oro region. This particular hunting spot is quite close by to Anton Castillo's enemy soldiers, so proceed with caution if you choose to hunt here.

Cuero River Valley (Valle De Oro)

Yaran crocodile hunting spot at Cuero River Valley in Far Cry 6's Valle De Oro region.
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The Cuero River Valley has a Yaran crocodile hunting spot just west of it, but similarly to Sabiduria Valley, it is very close by the Castillo's soldiers so you need to be careful when hunting here. We recommend hunting using a bow - which you can learn to unlock here if you haven't already - to make your hunting stealthier and quieter than using a gun.

Fernando Valley (El Este)

Yaran crocodile hunting spot at Fernando Valley in Far Cry 6's El Este region.
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The Fernando Valley is swarming with crocodiles, so you'll never be sat around waiting for them to spawn or to come attack you. Located in the El Este region, you likely won't encounter this spot until you're later on in the main story or of a higher rank, but it is arguably one of the best places to hunt Yaran crocodiles in abundance.

How to Hunt Crocodiles

You need to ensure that when you hunt crocodiles, you're careful about it, as it is crocodile meat that proves valuable. Damaged animal meat is not of much use, meaning it is not recommended that you shoot crocodiles. That being said, you can still hunt crocodiles by shooting them, but you need to be tactile about which gun you use and how aggressive you are. We've found that your sidearm, a pistol, tends to be the best gun for hunting, yet we still recommend using your machete or a bow for this.

To further ensure you don't end up with damaged animal meat, it's recommended that you aim for the crocodile's head when hunting. These animals, when in packs, can also inflict a nasty amount of damage. So again, we suggest that stealth attacks are vital for hunting.

What to Do With Crocodile Meat

Once you've acquired plenty of Yaran or American crocodile meat, you can go to any of Juan's Arms Dealers across the map to trade the meat for Recycled Fasteners. These materials can then be used at workbenches to upgrade and customise your weapons. This makes spending some time hunting crocodiles perhaps a better option than trying to loot scraps as you take down military targets and visit other areas across Yara.

Additionally, crocodile meat is necessary for unlocking the Daschund animal companion, Chorizo. For further information on how to unlock Chorizo and all the other Amigo's available, we've got a handy guide here.

Now that you know where to find crocodiles, how to hunt them, and what to do with their meat, it only makes sense that you go about trying to get the best weapons in Far Cry 6. With these weapons and the materials to upgrade them, you'll be able to combat Castillo's army and the villain himself with ease!

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