Far Cry 6: How to Get the Compound Bow

Far Cry 6's Guerilla Garrison for purchasing new weapons, including a bow.

Far Cry 6's Guerilla Garrison for purchasing new weapons, including a bow.

When it comes to killing - and hunting - in the Far Cry series, using a bow has always been a popular choice amongst players. Bows can be quiet and have a good range, making your attacks stealthy and harder to detect. In Far Cry 6 specifically, using a bow can make operations a little less chaotic and keep your notoriety across Yara lower.

The issue is, however, that Far Cry 6 (like the prior games) does not just hand you a bow from the beginning, nor will you retrieve one on an operation out of luck. Therefore, you have to go about seeking a bow out. It isn't too hard though, so here's exactly how to get yourself a bow - or more specifically, the ever-popular Compound Bow.

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First things first, you need to have a Guerrilla Camp in which you can build up your guerrilla resources, hideout network and much more. The first Guerrilla Camp you will likely, and should, encounter is that of the Montero Farm.

At the Montero Farm, speak to the Foreman at the Construction Desk - marked by a green tool icon on your HUD - and request to build the Guerrilla Garrison. The Guerrilla Garrison is essentially an armoury where you will be able to purchase new weapons. As time goes on and you collect more resources, you can upgrade the Garrison up to 3 times in order to expand its range of weapons.

Far Cry 6 Construction Desk where you can build and upgrade your Hideout Network and Guerrilla Garrison.
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Once the Guerrilla Garrison has been built, you can immediately buy Basic Weapons, including a Recurve Bow. After the build, head over to the Guerrilla Garrison and speak to the Drill Instructor to make a purchase.

Using your Pesos, you will be able to buy whatever weapons of your choice from here. However, to be able to buy the popular Compound Bow, you will need to upgrade the Garrison a second time at the Construction Desk using metal and gasolina resources to be able to then access Advanced Weapons.

The Guerilla Garrison's basic and advanced weapons, showing details of the Compound Bow.
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Once you've purchased a bow, you will be able to use it immediately to make stealth attacks or hunt animals for trade materials. What's also great about using a bow is the fact that you can go and retrieve your arrows, which makes using a bow rather efficient if you're low on ammo or tired of searching for more ammo.

No matter which way you choose to use your bow in Far Cry 6, have fun whilst using it, and don't forget to retrieve your arrows afterwards. This will save you time, resources and means the bow-related fun need not stop. We particularly like using the Compound Bow to hunt animals, whose materials can then be traded for resources you will use to upgrade and modify your weapons, or to continue upgrading your Guerilla Camp!

Now that you have access to the Compound Bow, here are some fun things around Yara to do outside of the main story.

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