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Far Cry 6: All Endings Explained, Including the Secret Ending

If you're reading this guide, it's likely that you're here for one of three reasons. You've finished Far Cry 6 and want to know about any alternative endings you could've encountered, you want to go and experience the secret ending, or you've yet to complete or play the game, and curiosity has gotten the better of you.

There are two possible endings to Far Cry 6 that we know of, as well as a theory for Far Cry's future. In this guide, we're going to explain what they are and how to achieve them. Before you read ahead, please be aware that there are spoilers!

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The Canonical Ending

At the ending of Far Cry 6, Dani Rojas meets with Anton Castillo and his son, Diego.
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First and foremost, it is suggested that you are of Rank 11 or higher before completing the final operations in the main storyline. If not, you may find that Anton Castillo's soldiers can quite easily overwhelm you and take you down. However, we completed the ending while at Rank 10, so it is possible to continue with the main story if your rank isn't quite high enough. Just make sure you're ready for a challenge!

There is little decision-making featured in Far Cry 6, so the ending you achieve for completing the main storyline reflects this. You have one linear ending to the game, and it is a very tragic one, to say the least. After having attempted to save Clara from Castillo at his family mansion, you explicitly learn that the antagonist is ill with leukaemia that cannot be treated using Viviro. Your final encounter with Castillo is in his tower in Esperanza - you can learn more about the regions in Yara here - where he will be alone with his son, Diego.


In true Anton Castillo fashion, he will entice you with a monologue and request that you keep Diego safe. Dani promises, but Castillo will never let himself or his son become victims to guerrillas; he then shoots Diego, and slits his own throat, killing himself and his son.

Following this, the cutscene continues and Dani is told that Yara is theirs. However, Dani will refuse to become El Presidente and leaves the room carrying Diego's body, telling the fighters that Yara is theirs now. After the credits roll, Dani is the de facto leader of Libertad and will be able to continue fighting Castillo's remaining forces.

The Post-Credits Scene Explained

A reference to one of Far Cry 3's main antagonists - Vaas Montenegro - is made during the credits.
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It is after the credits when things get particularly interesting... there is a conversation between Juan Cortez and someone named the "Smuggler", in which Juan is advising he will supply the Smuggler with the Viviro drug. The conversation occurs post-credits, and we do not see who the Smuggler is. However, for those who have played Far Cry 3, the voice will be all too familiar; is Vaas Montenegro, one of Far Cry 3's main villains, going to make a return to Far Cry?


The Secret Ending

Going out of the bounds of Yara's map, on a boat, to experience the secret ending of Far Cry 6.
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The secret endings throughout much of the Far Cry series are typically meant to be ones you can unlock early on in the game and are often intended to be humorous. In Far Cry 6, the ending is no different from its predecessors in that light.

Far Cry 6's secret ending isn't available until you've played a few hours of the game. If you pay attention to the dialogue when Dani meets Clara, they will say they want a boat in exchange for their favors for Libertad; using this boat, they want to go to America and get out of Yara. Clara obliges. Once you've completed the operations that Clara asks of you and have Libertad HQ established on Libertad Island, just off from Isla Santuario, Clara will present you with a questionable-looking wooden boat and the opportunity to stay and fight, or leave Yara.


From this moment onwards, you can use that boat - or any air or water vehicle - to make your way to the very edge of the map. Once you do so, you'll receive a pop-up that reads 'Leaving Yara. Turn Around!' before fading into the darkness. A small cutscene will then begin, showing Dani lying on a beach in America months later. We then see that Anton Castillo has actually destroyed Libertad, as well as killing Clara.

This conclusion to Far Cry 6 is certainly the best one for your character, Dani Rojas, who gets out of Yara and over to America as initially desired. However, without Dani, Libertad's mission clearly fails and Yara remains under Castillo's oppressive regime.

After this, you will be back in Yara continuing from whatever point you left off at. When it comes to the secret ending, do note that you can only experience it before having completed the main story and defeated Castillo; after this, you will not be able to leave Yara.

There you have it; those are the two endings to experience during your playthrough of Far Cry 6. We do wish we could've had the satisfaction of killing Anton Castillo ourselves, but we suppose Far Cry 6 likes to present you with the unexpected sometimes.

If you've completed the main story and are looking to experience Yara further, be sure to take the time to unlock all the Amigo's and Ride's available.