Far Cry 6: Best Things To Do Outside of The Main Story

When it comes to playing Far Cry 6, if the idea of freeing Yara from Anton Castillo's oppressive regime isn't wild enough for you, there's plenty more that you can do.

In the open world game, there's a lot to see and do outside the main story. You can go ahead and spend time petting animals or sightseeing. But, if you feel the need to do something a little crazier, here are some fun things that we discovered you can do amidst the ongoing revolution.

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Modify Your Supremo

The Supremo is a backpack that contains multiple items that can help you with your battle. The first item that you'll unlock is the Exterminador. However, there are multiple Supremos that you'll unlock as you rank up, we go into depth about each of them here.

Later down the line, you can unlock modification items that will protect you from specific types of damage, such as Fire, Poison, and Melee attacks. Alternatively, there are items that will help to improve your stealth and stamina, or assist you in healing fast or self-reviving.

More interestingly, however, are the items that make your attacks more fun. The Furioso turns your surroundings into fire, the Volta disrupts electronics and knocks enemies down, and the Incinerator... well... you can imagine what that does. Our favourite has to be the Triador Supremo. Unlocked from the Triada Blessings mission, the Supremo lets you fire through walls!

The Supremo has a long cooldown period, but when you're able to use it, it can make attacks a hell of a lot of fun when you're not simply gunning enemies down.

Burning Crops... Just Like in Far Cry 3

Far Cry 6's Fire and Fury Operation. Dani Rojas is burning the red tobacco plants at one of Anton Castillo's Viviro Neuve plantations.
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During one of the first missions in Far Cry 6, called Fire and Fury, you must sabotage one of Anton Castillo's Viviro Neuve plantations. This is a red tobacco farm, and to complete the operation, you are to torch all the plants and blow up the tanks across the plantation.

This brings us back to Far Cry 3, in which the Kick The Hornets Nest operation had you set alight an entire field of cannabis crops using a flamethrower. This is incredibly similar to how you use your Supremo to torch the plantation in Far Cry 6.

As you can expect, during the Far Cry 6 operation, there is much more fun to be had as you may simultaneously reminisce back to Far Cry 3. If Easter Eggs and the nostalgia for prior games in the Far Cry series is your thing, we've listed all the references that we found here.

Treasure Hunts

Among the multiple side quests that Far Cry 6 has to offer, Treasure Hunts are one of them. Treasure Hunts are exactly as they sound — you go hunting for loot in different environments and unique situations.

One of the more interesting Easter Eggs in Far Cry 6 is the Treasure Hunt named The Emerald Skull, which is very much in the style of Indiana Jones. Treasure Hunts in particular offer you a small break from the world of Yara and fighting for freedom, with it requesting that you rely on solving puzzles and avoiding traps, rather than being on the attack. In these side missions, Tomb Raider meets Far Cry, and they're a hell of a lot of fun.

Having Pets (AKA Amigos)

More commonly known in Far Cry 6 as your Amigos, you can essentially have pets in Far Cry 6. These Amigos are actually allies who will fight alongside you, with each of them offering different perks to aid your battle against Castillo's soldiers.

During your downtime, however, you can take a moment to pet your Amigos, showing your appreciation for all the hard work that they do. Or, in Chorizo the dog's case, for simply being cute. We talk more about all seven Amigos and how to unlock them here.

Raise The Heat Using Far Cry 6's Notoriety System

Posters in Fort Quitad of Yara's most wanted, including Clara and Juan of Libertad.
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If you hadn't already heard, Far Cry 6 has a notoriety system. This means that if you make a name for yourself around Yara, enemies will begin to recognise you and attack you on sight. If you continue to raise alarms and kill soldiers, Anton Castillo will then ensure the forces know your face and name.

As a result, getting too close to guards will then make them take action against you and try to kill you. If the main story's operations are getting a little tame for you, or you want to cause some chaos, this is the way to go. You will have to always watch your back, but it can be a great way to raise your rank and earn additional XP.

Crossover Into the World of Stranger Things (March 2022)

You have to wait a little while for this one, but it's bound to be worth it. In March 2022, we will see Far Cry 6 crossover into the world of Stranger Things as your Amigo, Chorizo, goes missing.

This operation, however, will have you venturing a place very different to Yara... The Upside Down from Stranger Things. It will become your mission to use the weapons and skills you have used to fight for freedom in Yara, to go find and free your Amigo.

This is certainly a wild crossover, but will be refreshing for those who have completed the game or want to make a return to it.

Now, go ahead and try to make your Far Cry 6 experience as fun as possible! You can choose to sit back with your Amigos and pet them ten times over, or raise your notoriety across Yara to give yourself a challenge. Either way, don't forget to take in the scenery too with one of Far Cry's biggest maps yet at your disposal. More importantly, equip the best weapons you can find and free Yara from Anton Castillo's oppressive regime.

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