Age of Empires 4: Achievements Guide

A Holy Roman Empire town in Age of Empires 4.

A Holy Roman Empire town in Age of Empires 4.

Age of Empires 4 is the latest instalment in the real-time strategy series, with the last game having been 16 years ago. Without a doubt, many players are excited to be taking on battles and unravelling history again. As with any Age of Empires game, the fourth instalment boasts over 80 achievements for players to unlock.

In this guide, we've named all 89 achievements and how to unlock them.

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  • A New Age Is Upon Us - Complete the tutorial.
  • The Normans - Complete The Normans campaign.
  • The Hundred Years War - Complete The Hundred Years War campaign.
  • The Mongol Empire - Complete The Mongol Empire campaign.
  • The Rise of Moscow - Complete The Rise of Moscow campaign.
  • Age of Empires IV Campaign - Complete the entire campaign.


  • By Force - Win with a Landmarks Victory.
  • By Faith - Win with a Sacred Sites Victory.
  • By Fortune - Win with a Wonder Victory.
  • Make It Quick - Win with a Landmarks Victory during Age 1, the Dark Age.
  • Walk the Earth - Win with a Sacred Sites Victory, without losing any religious unit.
  • Wonderstruck - Win with a Wonder Victory, without building any walls.

Art of War

  • Precious Medals - Earn 3 medals from Art of War challenges.
  • Challenge Taker - Earn a gold medal from an Art of War challenge.
  • Record Breaker - Earn 5 gold medals from Art of War challenges.


  • The Fundamentals - Complete Mastery Training.
  • Quick Study - Complete a Mastery.
  • Master of the English - Complete the English Mastery..
  • Master of the French - Complete the French Mastery.
  • Master of the Holy Roman Empire - Complete the Holy Roman Empire Mastery.
  • Master of the Mongols - Complete the Mongols Mastery.
  • Master of the Rus - Complete the Rus Mastery.
  • Master of the Delhi Sultanate - Complete the Delhi Sultanate Mastery.
  • Master of the Chinese - Complete the Chinese Mastery.
  • Master of the Abbasid - Complete the Abbasid Mastery.
  • Master of the Ages - Complete all Masteries.


  • Dread Fort - As the English, kill 100 enemies using Keeps.
  • Pass the Marshmallows - As the English, use the Setup Camp ability 20 times.
  • We Charge Extra for That - As the English, shutdown a Cavalry Charge using Palings.
  • Hope is Kindled - As the English, extend the Network of Castles alarm across 12 buildings simultaneously.


  • Lancelot - As the French, charge an enemy with 50 Royal Knights all at once.
  • Who Needs Infantry? - As the French, win a match without producing any infantry.
  • Big Shot - As the French, destroy 100 enemy units using gunpowder siege engines.
  • Do You Deliver? - As the French, gather 1000 food from Traders in a single match.

Holy Roman Empire

  • Who Needs Cavalry? - As the Holy Roman Empire, win a match without producing any cavalry.
  • Inspired Economics - As the Holy Roman Empire, have 60 or more simultaneously inspired Villagers.
  • Servants of the Land - As the Holy Roman Empire, kill 10,000 enemies using Landsknechte.
  • Swift Site - As the Holy Roman Empire, begin capturing a Sacred Site immediately after entering Age 3, the Castle Age.


  • Raiding Party - As the Mongols, raid an enemy building while in Age 1, the Dark Age.
  • Jagutu-iin Darga - As the Mongols, enhance 1000 units with a single Khan Signal Arrow.
  • Long Live the Khan - As the Mongols, win a match without the Khan being killed.
  • Explore, Expand, Exploit - As the Mongols, gather 10,000 stone in a single match.


  • Wild's Bounty - As the Rus, gather 2000 gold using Hunting Cabins in a single match.
  • Big Game Hunter - As the Rus, earn 500 gold from bounties in a single match.
  • Deforestation - As the Rus, gather wood 1000 times.
  • In Memory of Kulikovo - As the Rus, enhance 10 units with a single Saint's Blessing strike.

Abbasid Dynasty

  • The Faithful - As the Abbasid Dynasty, convert 30 enemies without using a Relic.
  • All the World’s Knowledge - As the Abbasid Dynasty, research everything in the wings of the House of Wisdom during a single match.
  • Shifting Winds - As the Abbasid Dynasty, defeat 1000 enemy units using Camel Riders.
  • A Golden Age - As the Abbasid Dynasty, achieve the third tier of the Golden Age.

Delhi Sultanate

  • Herd You Like Elephants - As the Delhi Sultanate, destroy 100 enemy buildings using elephants.
  • Field Construction - As the Delhi Sultanate, build a Stone Wall, Gate, and Tower using infantry.
  • Higher Education - As the Delhi Sultanate, have 20 Scholars garrisoned in a Madrasa.
  • Pantomath - As the Delhi Sultanate, research all technologies in a single match.


  • Be Subtle - As the Chinese, reveal 300 villagers with a single use of Imperial Spies.
  • Great Walls - As the Chinese, construct 1000 Stone Walls.
  • Move Like Wind, Attack Like Fire - As the Chinese, defeat 1000 enemy units using the Nest of Bees.
  • Four Histories - As the Chinese, establish all of the Dynasties in a single match.


  • Empires Will Rise - Construct a Landmark.
  • Through the Ages - Advance Age 500 times.


  • Coast is Clear - Win a match using fish as the only source of gathered food.


  • Kingdoms Will Fall - Defeat 20 enemy units.
  • Wololottery - Take control of 25 units in a single conversion.
  • Having a Blast - Defeat 5 enemies with a single Demolition Ship detonation.
  • All Creek, No Paddle - Sink an enemy transport ship that is garrisoned at maximum capacity.


  • Sub-Human Subduer - Win 1v1 against an Easy A.I.
  • Par-Human Potentate - Win 1v1 against an Intermediate A.I.
  • High-Human Hero - Win 1v1 against a Hard A.I.
  • Super-Human Subjugator - Win 1v1 against a Hardest A.I.


  • Recorded History - Watch a Replay.
  • Accurate Likeness - Equip a portrait.
  • To Remind, To Advise, To Warn - Equip a monument.
  • A Heraldic Achievement - Customise your coat of arms.


Below are various achievements with unlocking requirements that are still unknown. We'll update this page when we know more!

  • Counter-Raider
  • Siegebreaker
  • Ancient Tower Defense
  • Classic Conquest
  • Chivalry
  • Quit Touching Me
  • Du Bois Are Back in Town
  • Twinkle Hooves
  • Yeah, Well, You Should See the Other Guy
  • Keep the Change
  • Get Off My Bailey
  • Fill the Coffers
  • Battle Royal
  • Careful Cannons
  • Forgot a Batu
  • Boom Boom Pao

There are all the achievements to be unlocked while playing Age of Empires 4. As you can see, there's a lot to do! Check out our beginner's tips and our guide on playing Skirmish mode for some handy hints on how to go about forming a successful empire and getting those achievements.

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