How to Catch Fish in Far Cry 6

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Dani Rojas using the Fishing Rod to go and catch fish in Far Cry 6.
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Fishing in Far Cry 6 is another relaxing activity to do outside of the main story. We use the word relaxing lightly, however, as it can be a little tricky to get the hang of initially. However, after getting your hands on a Fishing Rod and putting in a little bit of practice, you'll be able to reel in various different species of fish in abundance soon enough.

In this guide, we explain how to get the Fishing Rod and then how to use it to catch plenty of fish.


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How to Get the Fishing Rod and Upgrade It

The Far Cry 6 Fishing Rod is accessible from your wheel of items, tools, and weapons.

Unfortunately, you won't be washing up on Yara and immediately able to go fishing. However, you do acquire the Fishing Rod relatively early on in the story and will then be able to access it from your wheel of tools and weapons at any point after this.


While finishing up some quests in your starting region, Isla Santuario, you'll be tasked with killing Comandante Rosario by Benito Menguez during the Fuel The Revolution operation. Once you've successfully completed the operation, you will then have access to the Fishing Rod and be able to reel in fish to your heart's content.

If you're looking to upgrade your Fishing Rod, you'll find orange Tackle Boxes at each fishing spot that function just like the workbenches for upgrading your weapons do. You'll require Gunpowder to modify your Fishing Rod too, just as you do with your weapons. So, be sure to collect all the Gunpowder you can from FND Caches as you fight for freedom across Yara. Whilst modifying the Fishing Rod, you'll also be able to change which type of bait you're using to be able to appeal to different species of fish too!

How to Catch Fish

Dani Rojas having successfully caught a fish in Far Cry 6.

When you find a fishing spot of your choosing, the first thing you need to do is equip your Fishing Rod and cast a line. You'll typically be able to see where fish are, as the water in these locations is rather clear. Failing that, just cast a line anyways, reel in gently, and fish are bound to feed on your bait. You can also keep an eye out for this by watching ripples in the water heading in the direction of your line.

Once you've hooked a fish, the fight between you and them begins. The fish will try and resist you reeling them in, but keep reeling! Also, be sure to use the relevant control (shown on your HUD) to tug your pole in the opposite direction that the fish is pulling. With some luck and a little bit of skill, you'll eventually tire the fish out and successfully reel them in, getting a nice glimpse of them before you pack them away.

We also recommend making sure you build the Fishing Hut at one of your Guerrilla Camps. This will grant you the piece of gear known as Angler's Gloves, which will make reeling in fish a little easier. You can also purchase intel by speaking to the Pro Angler here which will reveal various fishing locations to you.

Make sure to take caution of your line getting caught on any rocks or incoming boats, and all being well, you'll have pockets full of fish to trade for resources or cook up a storm with soon! There's a huge range of fish to try and find, with some being much tougher to reel in than others. Yet, fishing in Far Cry 6 is great fun if you fancy a scenic challenge.


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