All Hare Hunting Spots and How to Hunt Them in Far Cry 6

Dani Rojas of Far Cry 6 using stealth to sneak up on and hunt hares in the refgion of El Este, east of Lapida Mogote.

Dani Rojas of Far Cry 6 using stealth to sneak up on and hunt hares in the refgion of El Este, east of Lapida Mogote.

While playing Far Cry 6, hunting animals can be a rather large component of the game if you want to upgrade your Guerrilla Camps and weapons. If you're accustomed to using stealth when playing, hunting hares is definitely the route for you. They spawn in abundance and don't pose any danger to you, so hunting them is easy if you know where to look and how to approach them.

In this guide, we've shown you all known hare hunting locations in Yara, as well as how we recommend hunting them, and what to then do with their meat.

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Where to Find Hares

Cobre Shores (Madrugada)

Far Cry 6 Hare Hunting Spot in Madrugada, near Cobre Shores.
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Perhaps one of the easiest areas to go and find hares is just south of Cobre Shores in Madrugada. The location is by the main road, west of the F.I. Escudo Steel Plant, and just north of one of the Checkpoints. Don't forget to capture this for an easy fast travel location and some extra XP!

Oku Creek (Valle De Oro)

Far Cry 6 Hare Hunting Spot in Valle De Oro, near Oku Creek.
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In the region of Valle De Oro, there is yet another area for hunting hares just south of Oku Creek. This spot can be pretty easy to miss without the right intel, so be sure to check it out.

Lapida Mogote (El Este)

Far Cry 6 Hare Hunting Spot in El Este, near Lapida Mogote.
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Just east of Lapida Mogote in the region of El Este, you'll find another location to hunt hares. This spot is at the bottom of Mount Liani, but take caution, as there are jaguars roaming the area too who will try to put up a fight and they may even scare hares off before you do!

How to Hunt Hares

Hunting hares can be rather difficult. They're small, fast, and they'll flee from you on sight rather than trying to attack you. With this in mind, it's important to approach hares in as stealthy a manner as possible.

We recommend using the Primal Gear set specifically when you're hunting hares. This can be acquired by trading the materials gathered from hunting Yara's mythical animals for the gear at the Hunter's Lodge at one of your Guerrilla Camps. We've talked more about how to hunt these animals and unlock the Primal set here. Once equipped, animals like hares will be tagged, you'll be less likely to be heard by them overall, and you'll be able to get closer to them before they flee.

Additionally, since you'll have to sneak up on hares and hunt them from a distance, you won't be able to use your machete. And since using a gun will likely damage their meat, making it less valuable, it's only best that you equip a bow and use some crafty angles as you go in for the kill.

What to Do With Hare Meat

After filling up your pockets with enough hare meat, you can travel to any of Juan's Arms Dealers across Yara to trade it in for crafting materials. Hare meat can specifically be traded for Recycled Fasteners, which can then be used to upgrade your gear, modify your weapons, or improve facilities at your Guerrilla Camps. If you're also spending some time hunting the likes of other animals in Yara, such as crocodiles or sharks, you'll have a wealth of resources in no time.

It only makes sense that once you have your hands full of resources, you then make the most of them! Therefore, we recommend our guide on the best weapons in Far Cry 6 so you can see what's worth unlocking and customising. Alternatively, any leftover materials you may have are a rather nifty way of acquiring yourself some quick pesos.

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