Far Cry 6: Should You Choose Action Or Story Mode?

As you begin your journey as a guerrilla fighter in Far Cry 6, you will get to choose how you want to play the game. This means deciding what difficulty you want to play at. There are two to choose from: Action Mode or Story Mode. Both difficulties have their own unique variables and will still challenge any player, but which one is best for how you want to liberate Yara?

In this guide, we explain the difference between the two, and offer some advice on which one you should pick.

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Action Mode and Story Mode: What's the Difference in Far Cry 6?

You will have two main difficulty options to choose from when starting up Far Cry 6. The first is Action Mode. This is the recommended setting for most players, particularly those who are familiar with Far Cry games and other FPS games similar to it. You'll take a lot of damage from enemies, and will need to heal more often.

Story Mode, on the other hand, prioritises story over the action. You'll still take damage from enemies, but much less than in Action Mode. This mode is for those wanting to experience Far Cry 6 and focus on the story without the challenges associated with combat. Enemies go down easier, deal less damage, and you'll even get a slight aim assist option to help you get take down Anton Castillo's soldiers.

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Should You Choose Action Mode or Story Mode?

The difficulty that you choose in Far Cry 6 is completely up to you. If you're someone who prefers to play Far Cry for the exploration and story, go with the Story Mode. You can also go down this route if you'd like to speed up your progress, as you're less likely to get stuck on missions. If you play shooters and open-world action games regularly, go with the Action Mode. It's very much the 'Normal' difficulty setting, and is recommended by the developers for those familiar with the Far Cry series.

Can You Change the Difficulty in Far Cry 6?

There's no need to worry about your first choice of difficulty too much, as you can switch it up while exploring Yara. To change difficulty, head to the pause menu, and select 'Options'. Then, select 'Gameplay' and look for the difficulty option. You can switch from Action Mode to Story Mode and vice versa whenever you want.

There you have it! That's how Action Mode and Story Mode work in Far Cry 6. If you require any more help with the game, we recommend visiting our Fast Travel guide for tips on getting around Yara as quickly as possible. Once you're done there, check out our guides on how to rank up and how to acquire money quickly; you'll be able to take down Anton Castillo in no time.

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