Escape From Tarkov Walkthrough: All Guides in One Place

Interior shot of a building with deceased players in Escape From Tarkov.

As you play Escape From Tarkov, you'll soon realise that this shooter is a rather ruthless one. The game twists shoot-and-loot mechanics to force players to be methodical and strategic about their actions as they commence with raids and try to escape, making it a unique FPS. The game can be tricky to get to grips with, however, and that's where we've stepped in.

In this walkthrough hub, you'll find all of our guides for playing Escape From Tarkov; hopefully, you'll secure more loot and escapes with this helping hand!

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Before You Play

To play Escape From Tarkov, you'll need to actually buy it and install it. You'll also want to spend some time getting used to the mechanics of the game itself, so here are our guides to aid with that.

A PMC player on the Factory map in Escape From Tarkov.
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Escape From Tarkov has some large and vast maps. Yet, you won't find any maps in-game. In these guides, we explain various points of interest and most importantly, where to make your escape.

A Scav player on the Lighthouse map in Escape From Tarkov.
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As with all shooters, Escape From Tarkov has a mass of weapons to choose from and an abundance of modifications and customisations you can make too. We've stepped in to share some of the most worthy weaponry and how to use it.

A PMC player looking at their weapon in Escape From Tarkov.
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Quests & Keys

While Escape From Tarkov is primarily about raids and acquiring loot, there are quests to complete from various Traders too, as well as Keys you'll need to access certain maps or buildings.

There you have it. That's all of our guides on Escape From Tarkov in one place for now. We'll be sure to add more, so don't forget to come back and check this space soon!

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