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Escape From Tarkov: Ammo Chart Guide For Escape From Tarkov 1.12.3 - Best ammo to use!


Escape From Tarkov’s slow-paced, deeply methodical movement sets it apart from other leading Battle Royale titles, like Fortnite and Apex Legends.


Perhaps this is why it has gained so much traction in recent times.

That said, Escape From Tarkov can be a tough game to wrap your head around if you have just started playing.

Here, in a bid to help beginners on their journey to grasping the in-game ammo system, we have found a table designed to help.

Continue below to find the best type of ammo for the situation you have found yourself in!

Get better at Tarkov by watching below!

The Ammo Chart

A Reddit user has created what he is calling a “noob-friendly ammo chart”, which has been recently updated for patch 0.12.2.

This patch saw a handful of bug fixes, most of which were related to opposition AI making stupid decisions, like healing up in the open when they were under fire.

Players should now find that bots no longer make stupid decisions when firing grenade launchers, nor will they start healing up at inappropriate times.


Anyway, enough about the patch and back to the ammo chart.

The chart shows the best type of ammo (sorted by ‘overall best’, ‘best budget’ and best for each type of weapon.

The weapons range from Rifle to Shotgun, SMG and Pistol, and you can use the chart to figure out the effectiveness of each type of ammo against the different types of armour.

Most users on the thread found this chart very helpful, so we hope that it solves what you were looking for.

Stay tuned for more of our updates on Escape From Tarkov.

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