Is Escape From Tarkov Coming To PS4 and Xbox One?

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Escape From Tarkov is one of the most unique FPS games we have come across in recent years, and it is growing at an alarming rate.

The slow-paced, deeply methodical movement differs greatly from other leading titles like Modern Warfare.

Perhaps this is why it has gained so much traction in recently.

The game has made a home for itself on PC, but will it transition to consoles such as the PS4 or Xbox One? Here's the latest info.

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Is Escape From Tarkov Coming To Console?

We hear some of you asking, “Is Escape from Tarkov available on consoles?”.

Well, the FPS was originally made available to PC users when it launched back in August 2016, it received a closed Beta in July 2017, which is the state it is currently in.

But is an Escape from Tarkov PS4 edition in the pipeline? Is Escape from Tarkov available on PS4 or Xbox One?

The simple answers is no. The game’s developer, Battlestate Games, has not yet announced plans for Escape from Tarkov to release on the PS4 or Xbox.


In fact, they are pretty much focused solely on the PC version, despite a 2015 FAQ suggesting that a console version was in consideration.

In fact, the same was said for Steam and that hasn’t gone ahead either.

Since 2015, the developer has failed to discuss anything to do with a version for PS4 or Xbox One, so don’t get your hopes up.

What is Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore online first-person shooter with a story-driven walkthrough and MMO features.

The game focuses its gameplay on the troubled Norvinsk region that grows more and more restless with every day.

Warfare in Tarkov has forced the local population to flee the city, but some have stayed in a bid to improve their lives at the expense of others.


These savage Tarkov locals, known as “Scavs”, quickly flocked to armed gangs and began the revision of the city.

Tarkov is now carved up by invisible borders, controlled by different groups.

Everyone makes their own choices in how to get out of the war-struck city.

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