Escape From Tarkov AKM Gun Guide - Attachments, Builds, Ammo, Modding, Cost, Tips And Tricks

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The AKM in Escape From Tarkov is a select-fire assault rifle chambered for 7.62x39. It's easily recognisable as it resembles the well-represented AK-47, this is due to the fact that they derive from the same weapon family.

The chances are you will come across the AKM when deploying into the game and you'll need to know the best attachments, builds and ammo for this weapon.


Below is our AKM gun guide for Escape From Tarkov.

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The AKM is one of the best assault rifles the game has to offer.

This gun chunks opponents due to its hard-hitting bullets that have good penetration qualities.

Ammo is also very common for it, meaning its a class 4 armour's nightmare.


The gun is also very versatile and requires limited modding to take up fights.

The VPO-136 is also very common to grab off of scavs.

Where it does fall down is the high recoil, you'll need to show trigger discipline and is a bit slower than lighter weapons and awkward to operate in CQC situations.

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By default, it has the following specs:

  • Rate of fire: 600rpm
  • Effective distance: 400m
  • Ergonomics: 29.12
  • Accuracy: 0.06
  • Sighting range: 500
  • Vertical recoil: 160
  • Horizontal recoil: 360
  • Muzzle velocity: 716 m/s


AKM Variants

There are currently 9 variants of the AKM in-game:

  • T-Ops - thermal imaging sight, canted backup sight, side-mounted laser/flashlight device and suppressor.
  • AKM - base variant
  • AKMN - dovetail mount
  • AKMS - foldable metal stock, when shortened makes it faster to aim and turn
  • AKMSN - foldable and dovetail mount
  • AKMP - additionally installed tritium iron sights on top of the front and rear sights for combat in poor visibility conditions.
  • AKMB - suppressed variant of the AKM with an installed suppressor and the stock rear sight swapped for a rear sight with special rear sight leafs.
  • VPO-136 - automatic fire removed
  • VPO-209 - fires .366 rounds and smoothbore barrel

Where Can I Buy It?

You can purchase it from Prappor level 2 for 41,093 Roubles.



Shooting With An AKM

The AKM has a lot of recoil, due to the large rounds fired from it.

Its high damage rounds will seriously wound opponents, forcing them to apply first aid items; giving you the upper hand in a fight.

Although hard to control, the 600 RPM that it dishes out when fully automatic is very effective at clearing out rooms in close-quarter situations.

If you're using the weapon at range, it's advised to shoot in small bursts to control the recoil and stay on target.

You can also massively lower the recoil to almost nothing if you lie prone.

akm build escape from tarkov


7.62x39 ammo is what you'll need for the AKM, specifically you'll more than likely use the PS ammo - which is average for both HP damage and penetration power.

This ammo provides 33 penetration, given a class 4 armour vest can withstand 34 on the first hit, you'll chew through armour quickly.

This ultimately comes at a cost as you'll dramatically increase recoil.

You can also use BP ammo if you prefer a bit more armour piercing.


Modding And Attachments

The AKM features the most modding opportunities in the game and most are interchangeable with other AK variants.


What you use on it will depend on the playstyle you opt for and what you have available.

If you're looking for a simple, but reliable setup, we recommend the following attachments:

  • Zenit RK-3 Pistol Grip (Skier level 2 - 8,770 Roubles)
  • Zenit B-10 Handguard (Skier level 2- 5,610 Roubles)
  • Zenit RP-1 Charge Handle (Skier level 2- 2,877 Roubles)
  • Zenit RK-1 Foregrip (Skier level 2- 12,671 Roubles)
  • Akademia Bastion Dust Cover (Skier level 2- 5,940 Roubles)
  • Recoil Pad GP-25 (Prapor level 2- 3,361 Roubles)
  • Spike Tactical Dynacomp (Mechanic level 2- 2,704 Roubles)

This costs 83,026 Roubles altogether and makes the ergonomics 47, vertical recoil 101 and Horizontal recoil 211.

You can also attach a sight and mag of your choice.