Escape From Tarkov Healing Guide: How to Heal

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The river on the Customs map of Escape From Tarkov.
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Escape From Tarkov is a highly-realistic shooter with elements of MMO, RPG, and survival genres intertwined. It's not for the faint-hearted, with the game being centred on staying alive and looting those who fall victim to you, as well as looting areas around the map. It's an intense, tactical experience, which makes healing during combat pretty important.

In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about healing in Escape From Tarkov.


The title is still in beta testing, meaning that your experiences (and our guidance) may not be representative of the final product.

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How Healing Works in Escape From Tarkov

The health section of the character menu where a player can heal their PMC in Escape From Tarkov is shown.

As shown above, your health in Escape From Tarkov is divided into various body parts. Whenever any of them reach zero for whatever reason, they will black out. For example, if one of your arms is blacked out, this will severely affect your aim and movement. Similarly, if a leg is impacted, you're going to struggle moving and be unable to run.

If either your head or thorax are blacked out, the chances of being killed in one-hit by almost anything are incredibly high. This makes those two body areas, in particular, the most important to keep an eye on.

When being injured by an opponent's attack, not only do areas of your body get injured, but they'll experience specific injuries too. These range from light and heavy bleeds to fractures and more. As you might have expected from a realistic shooter such as Tarkov, different items will be needed to treat different conditions or restore HP. Players also need to keep an eye on their hydration and energy too, as letting either of these drop will impact you negatively.

Fortunately, we've gone through the various injuries and status conditions below, and noted which items will help you to deal with them. We have repeated the names of some items, as various items can deal with more than one condition at a time.

Raw HP

There are several items that can restore your raw HP by varying amounts, they are as follows:

  • AI-2 - Can restore up to 100 HP.
  • Car First Aid Kit - Can restore up to 220 HP. This item will also stop light bleeds, at the cost of 50 HP.
  • IFAK - Can restore up to 300 HP. This item will also stop heavy bleeds, at the cost of 210 HP. Light bleeds can be stopped at the cost of 30 HP, too.
  • AFAK - Can restore up to 400 HP. This item will also stop heavy bleeds, at the cost of 170 HP. Light bleeds can be stopped at the cost of 30 HP, too.
  • Salewa - Can restore up to 400 HP. This item will also stop heavy bleeds, at the cost of 175 HP. Light bleeds can be stopped at the cost of 40 HP, too.
  • Grizzly - Can restore up to 1800 HP. This item will also stop heavy bleeds, at the cost of 150 HP. Light bleeds can be stopped at the cost of 40 HP, Fractures are removed for 50 HP, and contusion will be removed.


Fractures can severely impair your speed and movement across Tarkov. You can, however, deal with them using the following items:

  • Splint - There are two types of splint, both of which have the same name. The green type has one use, while the red/blue type has five uses.
  • Grizzly

Light Bleeds

Light bleeds will slowly deplete your HP, but they can be fixed up using the following items:

  • Aseptic Bandage - One use.
  • Army Bandage - Two uses.
  • Car First Aid Kit
  • IFAK
  • AFAK
  • Salewa

Heavy Bleeds

Heavy bleeds will deplete your HP much quicker than light bleeds. They can be fixed up using the following items:

  • Esmarch - One use.
  • Hemostat - Three uses.
  • IFAK
  • AFAK
  • Salewa

Blacked Out Limbs

Limbs that are severely injured will impair your movement and speed, but not all hope is lost. If the limb is still hanging on to at least 1 HP, surgery can be performed to restore it. Limbs with 0 HP cannot be performed on.

  • CMS Kit - Five uses.
  • Surv12 Field Surgical Kit - Fifteen uses and will fix fractures.

Hydration and Energy

If your character becomes dehydrated, they will slowly lose HP. Therefore, it's important to have some water (or vodka) to hand to aid with this. Items such as painkillers will deplete your character's hydration levels, so keep this in mind.

As for energy, a character who is low will become lethargic and fatigued. This means they will not move as efficiently or as quickly as they would at full energy. Much like hydration being cured with liquids, your character's energy can be fuelled by feeding them a form of food.


That's all you need to know when it comes to healing in Escape From Tarkov. Good luck trying to survive out there! For more assistance with the game, check out our guides on weapons and ammo to aid you in combat.