Escape From Tarkov: Reserve Map Guide - All Extraction Points

A Scav player on the Reserve map in Escape From Tarkov.

A Scav player on the Reserve map in Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov is a unique shooter, requiring players to be stealthy and skilled as they explore maps, loot them, and engage in PvP. To get the edge over opponents, players need to take it slow and be tactical about their movement, whilst also taking into account what map they're playing on. The Reserve map is one with lots of loot that will suit all players, including beginners, making it a popular choice to play on.

In this guide, we have explained all there is to find and look out for around Reserve.

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What is Reserve?

The Reserve map of Escape From Tarkov is short for the 'Federal State Reserve Agency Base'. This base houses Novinsky-2, an airspace control centre. The map is a military facility tasked with managing and maintaining one of Russia's most secret supply depots, just in case World War III strikes.

Due to this, the Reserve map has an abundance of loot for players to fight for. The map is available for up to ten players, and can be highly competitive when coming face to face with opponents; especially those who have put a squad together, too.

With the nature of the map being quite a fierce one, this can be difficult for players that aren't yet used to intense gunfights, but there's a huge opportunity to get your hands on some decent loot. Thus, the Reserve map isn't one to be ignored, regardless of your skill level!

A Scav player on the Reserve map in Escape From Tarkov.
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The Reserve map is incredibly valuable to players due to the mass of loot it hides. For players who get their hands on keys, they can access highly-valuable loot and then try to make an escape with it. Players will need to take caution at all times, though, as NPC Scavs will regularly spawn and the map is popular for squads to raid, hunt down other players, and claim their loot.

Additionally, there are two weapons that will always spawn on this map, too: the ‘AGS-30’ grenade launcher and the ‘NSV 12.7×108’ heavy machine gun. The weapons will always have a random amount of ammo, but it's worth your time to try and seek them out before others do.

Extraction Points

Across Tarkov's Reserve map, there are nine Extraction points (that we know of) where players can make their escape safely with their loot. As with most of the maps in Escape From Tarkov, not all Extraction Points are always available, some need players to meet specific requirements beforehand, and some have limited uses.

Here are all the Extraction points across the Reserve map:

  • Armored Train - All Factions, Not Always Open, Can Only Be Used Once
  • Cliff Descent - PMC, Always Open, Need Paracord, Red Rebel Ice Pick, and No Armor Vest
  • Bunker Hermetic Door - All, Lever (South-west of Helicopter) Must Be Activated and Bunker Reached Within Four Minutes
  • Scav Lands - All, Always Open, Must Be Friendly PMC/Scav Present
  • Sewer Manhole -All, Always Open, No Backpack Equipped

The following four areas are Extraction points exclusively for Scav players, although we are not yet sure whether these are always open or require various requirements to be met just yet. We will be sure to update this space soon with more information!

  • Depot Hermetic Door
  • CP Fence
  • Heating Pipe
  • Hole in Fence by Mountains

Points Of Interest

Tarkov's Reserve map, due to the amount of loot, has many points of interest that players will want to find and explore. As ever, these locations are popular, so take caution when venturing towards them in case of camping opponents.

The points of interest across Reserve are as follows:

  • Northern Barracks
  • School
  • E1 Bunkers
  • Dome
  • Eastern Workshop
  • Western Workshop
  • Garages
  • Airspace Control Center
  • Freight Station
  • Hermetic Bunker
  • Train Repair & Maintenance Depot

Good luck exploring the Reserve and (hopefully) taking a bunch of loot back to your Hideout with you in Escape From Tarkov. For another map that is great for all types of FPS player, check out the Customs map. Alternatively, if you're still getting used to Tarkov, we've got some tips and tricks for you to consider.

This article was updated on the 15th of December 2021 by Kelsey Raynor, with contributions from Chris Trout.

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