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Escape From Tarkov: Customs Map Guide - Loot, Keys, Extraction Points & More


Escape From Tarkov is a unique game, best known for its emphasis on slow, deeply-methodical movement. we have come across in recent years, and it is growing at a rate of knots.


This is just one aspect of what sets this game apart from the likes of other leading Battle Royales, but it seems to do the trick as it is growing at a rate of knots.

As this is quite a new and relatively unheard of game, there will be a lot of beginners roaming around the maps.

These beginners will want to play in a map that is considered “beginner-friendly”, so Customs will be perfect for them.

It’s a fun location which is simple enough to navigate, and features a lot of loot – what's not to love?

Continue reading for our full Customs map guide for beginners.

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What is Customs?

Customs is the Cities' main industrial district, located close to the Factory.

Widely regarded as the most "beginner-friendly" of all the maps, it features various infrastructure facilities, a freight train terminal, factories, dorm buildings and offices.


Customs is a medium-sized map, allowing 6-12 players and up to 20 Scav Bot spawns.

The map itself is fairly open, but there are plenty of obstructions, meaning players will be engaging in medium-range firefights most of the time.

However, some areas provide a really good vantage point for players who enjoy sniping, even if they offer minimal cover. 



The spawns and extractions are rather straight-forward for this map (which is probably why it is considered so “beginner-friendly”.

Players will either spawn on the western side, extracting on the eastern side, or spawn in the east and extract on the west.

With the spawn points being so easy to identify, it makes the map one of the simpler to learn and navigate through. 


Points of Interest


There is a lot to explore in Customs.

From the abandoned dorm rooms to various construction sites, there are some pretty interesting locations.

The main points of interest are the 2 and 3-story Dorm Buildings in the northern-most point of the map, as well as the New Gas Station and Construction site located in the middle of the map.

These locations are known to attract most of the PMC players' attention, leaving the rest of the map virtually empty for beginners looking for loot.

That’s all we have for now, but stay tuned for our Customs map updates.

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