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Escape from Tarkov: Beginners Guide to Interchange - Loot, POIs, Extraction Points & more

Escape From Tarkov is a relatively unheard of game, there will be a lot more beginners than usual roaming around the maps.

Escape of Tarkov is a tough game with a steep learning curve, so this guide is aimed at new players who tend to struggle with their first Raids, aiming to educate them about the different maps and rules.

While beginners may want to want to roam around a map that is considered “beginner-friendly”, they will be able to adapt much quicker with our beginner map guides.


It’s a fun location which is simple enough to navigate, and features plenty of loot – what’s not to love?

Continue reading for our full Interchange map guide for beginners.

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What is Interchange?

Interchange is located on the intersection of Tarkov's main transport routes, so it is suitably named.

In the middle of Interchange, there is the "ULTRA" shopping centre where players can find pretty much anything from provisions to electronics) and three superstores (Goshan, OLI, and IDEA).

The 1st floor of the shopping center is also the territory of a heavily armed Scav Boss named Killa.


If a player defeats Killa, they will receive some of the most expensive armours and in the game, such as the Maska 1Sch helmet (Killa) with a face shield.

The abundant source of loot and the presence of Killa makes the Interchange a very popular map for squads, making the map dangerous for soloists.

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POIs & Loot

There is a lot to explore on the Interchange, ranging from the Power Station to the dozens of small stores in the shopping centre.

Here are some of the locations that players visit with regularity:

Power Station


In the north-eastern part of the map you’ll be able to find the Power Station (which used to power the mall).

There are multiple small buildings in the area, as well as one of the three extraction points, which is by the black SUV parked around the back.

There’s usually a decent amount of loot inside the main building, the Station’s office and inside the shacks.


The cheap, DIY furniture store inspired by a certain Swedish company contains a lot of hardware loot.

Tarkov’s developers wisely used a variation of the Swedish company’s store name, as they don’t have the appropriate licensing. 

There are multiple rare spawns that can be located on the shelves in the general area, as well as lootable toolboxes in the office and storage areas.



The OLI home improvement supplies store is a great source of all sorts of building materials.

You’ll need to gather some materials for your Hideout, so it is worth checking out if you’re passing by.

You’ll find all sorts of building materials and other equipment in this store, and there are 18 cash registers that require a key to open them.

Extraction Points

Extraction points for Interchange

Interchange is one of the biggest maps in the game and even features an additional outside area, so it’s a place where beginners can get lost.


However, there are only three extraction points and they are all outside, so the real trick is finding a way out of the shopping centre.

If you’re just looking for a quick way out, just exit the shopping complex through the north or south exits - just remember that you’ll need 3000 Rubbles and your PMC if you’re heading for the Power Plant extraction point.

That’s all we have for now, but you should check out some of our other beginner’s guides on the main site.

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