Escape from Tarkov: Shoreline Map Guide - All Extraction Points & More

A PMC player on the Shoreline map in Escape From Tarkov.

A PMC player on the Shoreline map in Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov is a hardcore shooter from Battlestate Games that has seen a slow rise in popularity since it's debut in 2016. The game prides itself in being unique due to its slow pace and requirement that players are both methodical and tactical about their gameplay strategy. First and foremost, getting to know the maps is a must for players, including the likes of Tarkov's Shoreline map.

In this guide, we have explained all there is to find and look out for around Shoreline.

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What is Shoreline?

It seems to be widely agreed upon in the Escape From Tarkov community that Shoreline is one of the best maps to play on, especially for PvP.

The map has an incredibly diverse terrain, with the Shoreline itself being great for long-range gunfights, and areas such as the Health Resort, Power Plant and other buildings being great fun for fast-paced, mid-to-close range combat between players. There's also woodlands and various vantage points for snipers, making the map literally suit all play styles.

Above, we have embedded an interactive, fully-customisable map of Shoreline from our friends at MapGenie. The map has all loot, extractions, and other areas of interest noted on it. Check it out here.

Shoreline as a map is also renowned for having some of the best loot available. However, much of it is locked behind closed doors in the Health Resort, and Tarkov players will need to spend time hunting for Keys and Keycards in Shoreline to get their hands on the most valuable loot. Although, one player did find out how to get their hands on the Red Lab Keycard, which we explain here.

On Tarkov's Shoreline, raids can typically last for up to 55 minutes and the map allows for 8 to 13 players... with a lot of NPC Scav spawns. This means that Shoreline makes for a long, and intense game. However, it arguably has the best payoff considering the loot that could be yours, as well as the different gameplay styles you can exercise given how diverse the map is.

Extraction Points

Across Tarkov's Shoreline map, there are five Extraction points where players can make their escape safely with their loot, and an additional seven Scav Extraction points. As with most of the maps in Escape From Tarkov, not all Extraction Points are always available, some need players to meet specific requirements beforehand, and some have limited uses.

Here are all the Extraction points across the Shoreline map:

  • Pier Boat - All Factions, Not Always Active
  • Road To Customs - All, Always Active
  • Rock Passage - All, Not Always Active
  • CCP Temp - All, Not Always Active
  • Tunnels - All, Always Active

The following Extraction points are all Scav only:

  • Lighthouse
  • Ruined Road
  • Ruined House Fence
  • South Fence Passage
  • Svetily Dead End
  • RWing Gym Entrance
  • Admin Basement

Points Of Interest

Tarkov's Shoreline has multiple points of interest. With the elaborate Keycard system in place on the map, though, you may need to go hunting for those to gain access to some of the best areas and thus, the most valuable loot. Shoreline is a haven for loot once you grab a Key or two, and even without keys, there is plenty of opportunity to escape Tarkov without your backpack being empty.

As ever, just be sure to keep your wits about you and watch out for opposing players looking to take your loot! Here are all the points of interest across Tarkov's Shoreline:

  • Health Resort - Admin, North Wing, West Wing, East Wing
  • Power Plant
  • Gas Station
  • Weather Station (also known as Radar Tower)
  • Estates (also known as Villas or Cottages)
  • Scav Island
  • Village
  • Marina - Yacht Club Offices, Lighthouse, Pier
  • Downtown Cabins

With that said and done, good luck navigating the Shoreline map of Escape From Tarkov. It's a lot of fun, and with any luck, you'll reap great rewards if you can survive.

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