Escape from Tarkov: Red lab key location and guide

Escape from Tarkov, the shooter/RPG from Battlestate Games, is becoming increasingly popular among players and streamers alike, offering a hardcore shooter experience with a wealth of tactical depth and addictive looting.

Much of the game's premier loot is squirrelled away in labs, and you'll need key cards to get in. Thankfully, we know where to find the red one.

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Escape From Tarkov: How to get the Red lab keycard

Keycards are found in Escape from Tarkov's various raids, and each will help you get into new areas that offer a wealth of loot. Then it's just up to you to make sure you keep hold of it.

Reddit user JohnMcClane13 (yippee kay-ay) has spotted the red keycard location on the Shoreline raid. Head into the resort, and locate the Administration building. In the first-floor room with the locked safe, there's a keycard partially obscured by an ashtray. Check it out in the image below.

Thank you, JohnMcClane13!
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As with anything in Tarkov, you'll want to make sure you keep your wits about you – it's unlikely you'll be the only player looking for the card.