Escape from Tarkov: Red Lab Key Location

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Escape from Tarkov, the hardcore shooter from Battlestate Games, is becoming increasingly popular among players and streamers alike. The game offers a unique experience and a wealth of addictive looting. Much of the title's premier loot is hidden in labs and other areas, where you'll need Keys or Keycards to get inside. Fortunately, we know where to find Tarkov's Red Lab Keycard.

In this guide, we explain where to find the Red Lab Keycard in Escape From Tarkov and how to use it.


The title is still in beta testing, meaning that your experiences (and our tips) may not be representative of the final product.

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Escape From Tarkov: How To Get the Red Lab Keycard

Keys (or Keycards) are found during Escape From Tarkov's various raids. Each Key will aid players with accessing new, previously inaccessible areas, that will typically offer a wealth of valuable loot. Once a player has their hands on the goods, it'd then simply down to them to try to keep a hold of it and escape Tarkov, and their fellow players.

A Reddit user, JohnMcClane13, has fortunately saved Tarkov players a lot of legwork by locating the Red Lab Keycard and sharing the information with the rest of us!

Shown above, the user coincidentally spotted the location of the Red Keycard while doing a Shoreline raid in Escape From Tarkov. The user was even kind enough to detail how he located the Key and updated the Tarkov Wiki.


The Red Lab Keycard was found by heading into the resort on Shoreline, and then entering the administration building. On the first-floor, where there is a locked safe, the Keycard sits on the nearby table slightly obscured by an ashtray. The Key is shown in the image in the above Reddit post.

As with anything in Escape From Tarkov, you'll still want to take caution and keep your wits about you as you venture to acquire the Keycard. It's highly unlikely you're going to be the only player looking to get your hands on the card...

That's all there is to know about the Red Lab Keycard location on Shoreline in Escape From Tarkov. We recommend taking a look at our comprehensive map guides, including Customs, Interchange, and Factory. These feature various points of interest and all extraction points, to aid you with getting your loot and escaping!

This article was updated on 16th of December by Kelsey Raynor, with contributions from Lloyd Coombes.