Escape from Tarkov: Lighthouse Map Guide - All Extraction Points & More

A PMC player on the Lighthouse map of Escape From Tarkov.

A PMC player on the Lighthouse map of Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov is an upcoming hardcore shoot-and-loot game from Battlestate Games. Players will tough it out across Tarkov to acquire the best and most valuable loot they can, and the game can feel rather ruthless considering how methodical and patient it requires players to be. Tarkov has a range of maps to play on, some being more intense than others, and the latest addition is the Lighthouse map.

In this guide, we have explained all there is to find and look out for around Lighthouse.

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What is Lighthouse?

The Lighthouse is Tarkov's most recent map, and the first brand-new map in over two years (at the time of writing). This does mean that there isn't much information on the map as yet, with Tarkov players still exploring it and finding where the best loot is, but the map seems to promise to be a fun one.

The Lighthouse map is similar to Customs in the sense that it has multiple spawn points for players, and there can be up to 12 players at a time.

A PMC player on the Lighthouse map of Escape From Tarkov.
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The Lighthouse map itself has a couple of things that players will want to look out for. First, there's a considerable amount of a loot lying around. Whether this is to incentivise players trying out the new map while little info about it is available, we don't know, but it's great nonetheless. Secondly, there are landmines and out-of-bounds snipers that players need to be wary of. These reside around the Water Treatment Plant, so players who approach the plant will need to be incredibly cautious.

One of the most interesting aspects of this new map is the fact that a new AI faction has been introduced alongside it: Rogues. Rogues are former USEC operatives that act like Raiders. They can typically be found around the Water Treatment Plant and are incredibly tough opponents to come against. If your PMC is a USEC, they will leave you alone. However, if you're a Bear, or you're a USEC with a Bear in your Squad, Rogues will not take kindly to this and will attack.

Many players on the Lighthouse map have been looking to squad up while players explore the new area. Therefore, be cautious of opposing squads and be sure to turn VOIP on to communicate with others, in case anyone also wishes to squad up with you.

Extraction Points

Across Tarkov's Lighthouse map, there are thirteen Extraction points where players can make their escape safely with their loot. As with most of the maps in Escape From Tarkov, not all Extraction Points are always available, some need players to meet specific requirements beforehand, and some have limited uses.

Here are all the Extraction points across the Lighthouse map:

  • Road to Military Base V-Ex - PMC Only, Single Use, 5000 Rubles Per Player
  • Mountain Pass - PMC Only, Always Open, Need Paracord, Red Rebel Ice Pick, and No Armour Vest Equipped
  • Path to Shoreline - All Factions, Always Open
  • Northern Checkpoint - PMC Only, Always Open
  • Side Tunnel - All, Always Open, Requires Friendly PMC & Scav
  • Southern Road - PMC Only, Always Open
  • South Road Landslide - Scav, Always Open
  • Scav Hideout (at Grotto) - Scav, Always Open
  • Industrial Zone Gates - Scav, Always Open
  • Armoured Train - All, Arrives Between 7 and 20 Mins Into Raid & Stays For 7 Mins
  • Hideout Under Landing Stage - Scav, Always Open

Points Of Interest

With the Lighthouse map being so new to Escape From Tarkov, we are yet to learn about every single point of interest. However, there are still a fair few for you to check out in the meantime.

  • Tarkov Hills Grand Chalet
  • Pikes Peak Resort
  • Shore Cottages
  • Railyard
  • Water Treatment Plant (as mentioned above, this area can be particularly dangerous)

That's all there is to Tarkov's latest map, Lighthouse. Good luck exploring somewhere new, and remember to always proceed with caution if you want to escape with your loot intact! For more on Escape From Tarkov's maps, we have comprehensive guides on Interchange, Factory, Shoreline, and more, to assist you with doing the best raid runs possible.

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