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Escape From Tarkov: Factory Map Guide – Extraction Points, Loot, POIs & more


Escape From Tarkov has been on the verge of a full release since 2017, and the game has an impressive reputation considering how it is still in a closed beta state.


It is easily one of the most unique Battle Royales we have come across in recent years.

It does exceptionally well to distance itself from the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends with it’s slow-paced, deeply methodical movement.

Perhaps this is why the shooter has gained so much traction in recent months.

Beginners to the game will want to know some details about the map before they throw themselves into it, so this Factory Map guide should be the perfect starting point for them.

Continue reading for our full Factory Map guide.

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What is Factory?

First, here’s some information on the map.

The Factory is the smallest and the most dynamic of all Escape from Tarkov maps.


It features many semi-opened areas and elevated spots (so inside Factory you’ll need to keep your eyes above you) that promote fast-paced, close-quarters action.

Lore wise, the Factory was a hotbed for firefights between USEC and BEAR operatives during the Contract Wars, which determined control over the Tarkov industrial district.

With time, the factory premises were converted into shelters for the local civilians (Scavs) along with the occasional USEC or BEAR operators.

POIs and Loot

Surprisingly, there are many interesting places to explore inside Tarkov's Factory complex, but a lot of them leave you susceptible to getting tagged from any corner of the map.

Here, the main POIs have been highlighted (Credit:

Container Room

The Container Room is one of the more open locations in the Factory.

On the ground floor, multiple blue containers offer some cover and provide players with loot.


If you go up the stairs, you can reach the second level, or even climb up to the rafters for a great vantage point that overlooks the whole area.

Looting is dangerous in exposed places, but you’ll be able to find Armour in the most northern blue container, and weapon crates up the stairs on the way to the office area.

Main Hall

Factory’s Main Hall is easily recognised by the three massive silos on the ground and features various elevated spots which provide ambush opportunities.

Using silo roofs, the Overpass and catwalks will give you an edge over enemies, but they also leave you wide open to getting shot from multiple lines of sight.

There should be an Armour spawn behind the Overpass’ exit, and a couple of weapon crates by the ‘stripper’ area.


Thirdly, the Office area serves as a point of interest thanks to its central location.

The office window serves as a Scav-only extraction point, and the safe under the desk usually features two lootable Jackets on the left-hand side of the entrance.

More jackets feature in the two file cabinets in the far corner of the room.

Where are the Extraction Points?


There is a total of five extraction points in Factory that players can use to leave the area and keep all of the loot they may have gathered.

However, players will not be able to use all of the Factory map extraction points in Escape from Tarkov at all times.

Some of these extraction points have requirements that must be met before they can be opened.

Others can only be used once, while some are even controlled by a certain faction, which means players need to be aware of their surroundings before trying to make an escape bid.

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These locations are:

Underground Camera Bunker Door - Scavs, Always OpenUnderground Cellars - PMC, Always Open, Requires Factory KeyGate 0 - All Factions, Always Open, Requires Factory KeyGate 3 - All Factions, Always OpenOffice Window - Scavs, Always Open

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