Escape From Tarkov: Factory Map Guide – All Extraction Points & More

A PMC player on the Factory map in Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov is still in beta, and has been since 2017, but the full gaming experience is there. The tactical title is an intense shooter that requires methodical movement and stealth, as well as skill, to get yourself an escape. There are various maps suited to all types of player, beginner or veteran, and the smallest map in Tarkov is Factory.

In this guide, we have explained all there is to find and look out for around Factory.

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What is Factory?

Of all maps in Escape From Tarkov, Factory is the smallest and the most dynamic. While being small, there are plenty of narrow corridors, open floors, and opportunities to get above other players. The map is for up to five players, with raids lasting up to 20 minutes.

With this in mind, you'll need to ensure you always keep your eyes both ahead, above, and behind; this sounds difficult and that's because it is. The map might be small, but there's plenty of opportunity for yourself and other players to position themselves perfectly to tag you, so you'll need to constantly be on the lookout as you loot or escape.

Above, we have embedded an interactive, fully-customisable map of Factory from our friends at MapGenie. The map has all loot, extractions, and other areas of interest noted on it. Check it out here.

In terms of Tarkov's lore, the Factory was where USEC and Bear factions would fight it out with each other regularly in order to determine control over the Tarkov industrial district. Over the course of time, the Factory ended up being converted into shelters for local civilians, Scavs, and the occasional USEC or Bear operative, too.

Extraction Points

Across Tarkov's Factory map, there are five Extraction points (that we know of) where players can make their escape safely with their loot. As with most of the maps in Escape From Tarkov, not all Extraction Points are always available, some need players to meet specific requirements beforehand, and some have limited uses.

Here are all the Extraction points across the Factory map:

  • Underground Camera Bunker Door - Scavs, Always Open
  • Underground Cellars - PMC, Always Open, Requires Factory Key
  • Gate 0 - All Factions, Always Open, Requires Factory Key
  • Gate 3 - All Factions, Always Open
  • Office Window - Scavs, Always Open

Points of Interest

There are various points of interest around Tarkov's Factory map, but you need to remain alert at all times. The nature of the map means you're likely to get tagged or completely taken down at any point, so proceed with caution.

  • Main Hall
  • Office
  • Cellar

It's also important to note the 'Forklift Spawn', where you may spawn beside a Forklift. Here, there are multiple PMC and Scav spawns in sight, so you will need to get out of there quickly, or you're an easy target.

That's all you need to know about Escape From Tarkov's Factory map. For a map with a less intense style of play, but still rather intense nonetheless, check out Reserve. Alternatively, we have some tips and tricks for playing Tarkov, or a weapons guide for you to peruse before commencing on your next raid.

This article was updated on the 15th of December 2021 by Kelsey Raynor, with contributions from Julian Sims.

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