Escape From Tarkov: Woods Map Guide – All Extraction Points

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A player holds a sniper on the Woods map in Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov is a hardcore shoot-and-loot title that requires players to have patience, stealth, and skill. For beginners, the game is a tough nut to crack, but it's possible to make your escape regardless of your experience with gunfighting games if you know a map well enough. The Woods map is troublesome for beginners, and that's where we've stepped in to help.

In this guide, we have explained all there is to find and look out for around Woods.

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What is Woods?

In Tarkov, the Woods map (also known as Priozerks Natural Reserve) is a large, forested area. The map features a terrain made up of hills, rocks, and some sparingly open spaces. This makes it ideal for gunfights at a long-range.

All the hills and rocks on offer act as great vantage points for snipers, while more open areas are dangerous zones with lots of mid-to-close range combat going on. The map allows for 6-12 players to commence on a raid, with multiple Scav spawn areas, and raids will last up to 45 minutes.

Above, we have embedded an interactive, fully-customisable map of Woods from our friends at MapGenie. The map has all loot, extractions, and other areas of interest noted on it. Check it out here.

While the Woods map is good fun for more confident players, it's recommended that beginners actually avoid the map where they can until they have better equipment and are more skilled at Escape From Tarkov. This is because there isn't actually that much valuable loot lying around, so all goodies are acquired from PvP play. Additionally, due to the map being in favour of long-range combat, good gear is incredibly important, and this is often something a beginner might lack.

However, if you're confident, looking for a challenge, or have a quest you need to complete, Woods still has its points of interest and can be fun to explore.

Extraction Points

Across Tarkov's Woods map, there are sixteen Extraction points where players can make their escape safely with their loot. As with most of the maps in Escape From Tarkov, not all Extraction Points are always available, some need players to meet specific requirements beforehand, and some have limited uses.

Here are all the Extraction points across the Woods map:

  • Dead's Man Place - Scav, Always Open
  • East Gate - Scav, Always Open
  • Factory Gate - All Factions, Always Open, Must Be Friendly PMC/Scav Present
  • Cliff Descent - PMC, Always Open, Need Paracord, Red Rebel Ice Pick, and no Armor Vest
  • Mountain Stash - Scav, Always Open
  • Old Station - Scav, Always Open
  • Outskirts - All, Always Open
  • Outskirts Water - Scav, Always Open
  • RUAF Roadblock - All, Not Always Open
  • Scav House - Scav, Always Open
  • South V-Ex - All, Not Always Open, Can Only Be Used Once
  • The Boat - Scav, Always Open
  • UN Roadblock - All, Always Open
  • West Border - Scav, Always Open
  • ZB-014 - All, Not Always Open, Requires ZB-014 Key
  • ZB-016 - PMC, Not Always Open
  • Office Window - Scavs, Always Open

Points of Interest

Across Tarkov's Woods, there is an abundance of different infrastructure for players to explore and search for loot. The map features a lumber yard, a sawmill, a plane crash site, various abandoned bunkers, and even an abandoned tank, too. The three areas that tend to interest players the most are as follows:

  • East Bunker, ZB-014
  • West Bunker, ZB-016
  • Plane Crash Site

These are keen points of interest for players due to the fact that they typically have some decent loot to collect. However, because of this, players will often camp the areas too. The bunkers are also Extraction points, making them even more prone to the likes of campers. Therefore, take caution if visiting these areas!

Have fun exploring Escape From Tarkov's Woods map! For something more beginner-friendly, we have a guide on the Customs map and some tips and tricks to aid you. On the other hand, if you're used to navigating Tarkov, check out our weapons tier list.

This article was updated on the 15th of December 2021 by Kelsey Raynor, with contributions from Julian Sims.

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