COD Mobile Season 4 'Disavowed' LIVE: Release Date, Battle Pass Rewards, Patch Notes, Skins, Zombies, Weapons And Everything We Know

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COD Mobile Season 4 is live and leaks continue to arrive fro the latest season "Disavowed".

After the devastating news that Zombies will be removed from COD Mobile at the end of March, the blow has been softened by the new Meltdown Map and KN-44 weapon.

The new Call of Duty content keeps coming as we're only a few weeks into Modern Warfare Season 2.

Season 3 introduced new maps, characters and modes and there's no doubt that Season 4 will do the same.

Here's everything we know about COD Mobile Season 4.

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Latest News

All New Season 4 Character Skins Leaked - 14th March

YouTuber 'Call of Duty Mobile Leaks' has done exactly that and given us leaks for Call of Duty: Mobile, in the form of skins.

Although we can't guarantee the authenticity of this video, you can still check it out below!

A New Free to Play Title Could Be Coming To Mobile In 2021 - 13th March

Prolific leaker and data miner TheGamingRevolution has managed to get his hands on some pretty juicy news, regarding a few different potential upcoming titles. One of these titles is said to be a Call of Duty game that will be free to play. Find out everything there is to know about it here.

Are We Actually In Season 4? - 9th March

There are growing disputes about whether we are actually in Season 4 or not.

YouTuber Grow Positive is one of many who believes that we are in fact in Season 3 part 2.

It makes sense as this season hasn't been referred to as Season 4, but the COD Mobile team did say they were dropping the numerical seasons.

It would also explain why the new map Cage was added so late.

Community Update - 7th March

A new community update confirms that new map Metldown will arrive in the next update and the KN-44 will be added.

This slow-firing but high damage assault rifle from the Black Ops series is making its debut in Call of Duty: Mobile soon (next week). You’ll be able to acquire it in two ways:

  • Grind: The HEAVY Shot event will provide a grind path to a common version of the KN-44. You’ll be tasked with playing various modes, getting kills in MP matches, and more.
  • Paid: The Color Spectrum Draw will be offering a legendary version of the KN-44 called Color Spectrum. This fantastic and aggressively colourful version of this new AR will be available soon.

We are also getting new test servers for different regions.

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When Does COD Mobile Season 4 Start?

COD Mobile Season 4 also known as 'Disavowed' started on the 1st March - making season 3 only six weeks old.

However, there are disputes that we have not finished Season 3 - this is actually part 2 of Season 3.

The season will likely run for six weeks, meaning that it will end on the 12th April - where Season 5 will start.

A lot of the promised content from Season 3 appears to be dropping, such as the new map Cage.

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Patch Notes

Version will be 57.27MB in size - here's what's meant to be included.

  • Unlock Soap, new weapons, new equipment and more in the Rise of Soap Pass Battle Pass!
  • Spring into Action for 24 hours with new event and rewards, including the H.I.V.E. Operator Skill!
  • One Shot One Kill and 20v20 Warfare unlocked for 24 hours on March 1st
  • Double Weapon and Double Player XP for 24 hours
  • New Cage multiplayer map available March 1st
  • Unlock rewards in a special Cage event
  • The credit store has been updated - a new update will likely come every month with desirable new content
  • New weapon and operator crates coming soon
  • Hardpoint has been added to core and ranked multiplayer rotation. (Available for Elite & above ranks)
  • Search & Destroy win condition reduced from 6 rounds to 5 rounds. (Private room default settings still maintain victory condition of six wins)

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Battle Pass Rewards

With this brand-new Battle Pass we will have our first ever female operator in a Battle Pass, Urban Tracker, and the return of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series legend, Soap MacTavish.

Of course, that’s just the two main characters featured in the pass, there is also the savagely effective RUS-79U Viking, the Brambles series of weapons and gear, the MacTavish series of weapons and gear, and more. As per usual, there is both a free Battle Pass and a premium Battle Pass available with their own selection of gear to earn and acquire.

The main reward on everyone's mind is the fact that John "Soap" Mactavish will be unlockable through the Season 4 Battle Pass.

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There is also a character named 'Sentinel'.

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There has been a lot of issues with the paid vs free content in the game, particularly surrounding the battle pass.

Starting in April, you'll be able to earn a free variant of one of the newer weapons.



Cage has gone live in this new season.

We are also getting Meltdown later on.

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The LK24 will be getting a Viking themed Skin in the new season and be the BIG weapon reward in the battle pass.

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No More Zombies

Unfortunately, COD Zombies is being removed, Activision had this to say:

"One of the most frequently asked questions to these updates is “what about ZOMBIES Mode?” Today, after extensive evaluation we are sharing that ZOMBIES Mode is being removed on March 25th.

We had always mentioned it was limited but with no explicit end-date. We wanted to see the reception, see the feedback, and see how we can potentially shape the mode for the future. However, the mode just didn’t reach the level of quality that we desire. The second map, Nacht Der Untoten, is also not releasing in the global version".

However, it appears that Nacht Der Untoten is rolling out to users.


Although it doesn't seem much has been mentioned for the early stages of Season 4,  @CODM_Updates has shared a number of new weapons that could be arriving later on in the season.

  • Man-O-War
  • NA-45
  • GPAS-12
  • MP7
  • H28
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@CODM_murdablast believes that something similar to the Barrett .50cal will be added in the new season.

Based on the above photos, it's likely to be the NA-45.

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As part of the Credit Store update - the latest Scorestreak is: MQ-27 DRAGONFIRE


H.I.V.E. Operator Skill Highlight

The new H.I.V.E. Operator ability was once a Specialist Weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, now makes its debut in Call of Duty: Mobile!

This versatile weapon can be used for defence or offence.

Release pods at doorways and block entry points or crowded routes, like when blocking off the routes to a capture point or use it aggressively to make an area a walking bee-field of deadly pods.

Starting today, you’ll be able to earn this skill by completing various Multiplayer based objectives: login, play MP matches, use other operator skills, take out enemies with scorestreaks, or just get general kills.

The skill will be available to earn until March 11th (UTC).

Game Modes

One-Shot One Kill and 20v20 Warfare will be unlocked for 24 hours on March 1st, as well as double weapon and double player XP.

Hardpoint has been added to core and ranked multiplayer rotation and the win condition for S&D has been reduced to 5 rounds.

Here is the full look at most events currently running or coming soon in COD Mobile:

2/28 – 3/5 ~ Prop Hunt Mode (MP)3/1 - 3/12 ~ H.I.V.E. Challenge3/1 – 3/12 ~ CAGE map challenge3/2 – 3/8 ~ BR Sniper Challenge

Hardpoint Becomes Permanent

You can find the mode available today in core Multiplayer and in Ranked mode. However, in Ranked Mode you’ll have to rise to the rank of Elite before you can participate in Hardpoint.

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