New COD Mobile Leak Reveals Mode Similar To Among Us

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Season One for Call of Duty: Mobile is in full swing as players continue to work their way through the Battle Pass, progress towards unlocking all kinds of cosmetic items, and so much more.

The start of the new season marked a new era for COD Mobile, as publisher Activision opted to start 2021 from Season One as opposed to continuing with Season 14.

In a recent leak from the Chinese version of COD Mobile, it appears that Activision has taken inspiration from Among Us, and will release a mode similar to the game that took the industry by storm during 2020.

Here’s everything we know about the release of the game mode.

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COD Mobile Werewolf Game Mode

Footage from the Chinese version of the game has appeared online and shows the game mode in action.

A total of 12 players start the game inside the tower in Meltdown and after a short countdown, the hunt for resources begins. The resources are an integral piece of the game and can be used to complete the tasks or eliminate an opponent from the game.

Once the round has concluded, players reconvene in the tower to discuss what happened during the round. Like Among Us, it’s the only time players can plead their innocence or attempt to throw someone under the bus.

After the discussions have taken place, players can cast a vote to eliminate a player from the match. Voting continues until an eventual winner emerges.

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Werewolf Mode Release Date

As of writing, (February 23rd) Call of Duty’s take on Among Us is only available on the Chinese version of the game.

For that are outside of the region wanting to get their hands on the new mode, it is more than likely that the mode will receive a global release in a few months’ time.

Could it arrive as part of Season Two? We will have to wait and see.

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