COD Mobile Season 3: Cage Map Guide, Release Date, Tips And Tricks, Classes And More For Call of Duty: Mobile

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COD Mobile Season 4 will finally get the introduction of the new map Cage that was teased at the start of Season 3.

Almost six weeks after the season launch, the game will get a refreshing new map.

Here's our preview guide to this map.

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Cage Release Date

Cage will be released on the 29th February 2020.

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What Do We Know About Cage?

This map has a deceptively basic three-lane design with verticality, open lanes for sniping, and a mixture of close quarters & mid-range options.

The map is very, very small, making it ideal for aggressive players that love to rush around the map.

The three-lane and symmetrical design provide a playground that contains several small areas for close-quarters engagements, long lines of sight for passive players and areas above the ground floor to give players the height advantage and a birds-eye view over specific areas of the map.

This will feature TDM and Sniper Only game modes.

COD Mobile's Twitter account has confirmed that it is permanent, it's currently unconfirmed if it will feature in ranked play.


Tips And Tricks

It is very easy to spawn trap the opposition on Cage, making it sometimes annoying if you and your team are unable to escape but if you can flip the spawns, the games on this map are fast-paced and an awful lot of fun.

The map is very reminiscent of Modern Warfare's Gunfight map King.

As a result, this map will play heavily in the favour of those that pick long-range weapons due to the long lines of sights the stair directly from one end of the map to the other.

This is reinforced by the fact that one user responded to the COD Mobile Twitter, who had asked what loadout their followers would use on this map, one player said he would use the "S36 and hide in the corner".

This prompted a response from COD Mobile, tweeting "You are a effective monster with high K/D".

However, we recommend the following tips for playing this map:


1) Run & Gun Tactics

Due to the small nature of the map, running and gunning is a very effective way to score a ridiculously high killstreak in a very short space of time.

Hover around the middle of the map to catch any opponents coming off spawn but it is important to be aware of players that manage to sneak past you and potentially halt your epic killstreak.

2) Slow & Steady Tactics

The snipers only game mode is perfect for sitting back and watching either of the outside lanes of the map.

Wait for enemies to stumble into your crosshair to guarantee a very easy kill.

3) Spawn Trap Tactics


With both teams starting the game at opposite ends of the map, one of the best ways to score a lot of kills is to remain in your spawn armed with an Assault Rifle and take down enemies attempting to converge on your position and trying to lock in a nasty spawn trap.

We also recommend checking out the following weapon guides for this map:

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