Shipment Arriving To COD Mobile In Season 2

The first season of 2021 post-launch content for COD Mobile is coming to an end.

With a new order seemingly in control of the COD Mobile universe, the release of Season Two is just around the corner.

The start of a new season means brand-new content ranging from new maps, game modes, and weapons is on the way!

One of the new pieces of content arriving in Season Two is a classic Modern Warfare map famed for its confined spaces and frantic action.

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Shipment COD Mobile

Shipment COD Mobile Season 2
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The 2019 iteration of Shipment from Modern Warfare will be making its debut as part of the new season of content.

Shipment is one of two maps arriving in the season, joining Modern Warfare’s Shoot House.

Synonymous for its compact design, Shipment has always been one of the most popular maps thanks to the chaos that often ensues during a match.

With action appearing as soon as players spawn in, Shipment is often used as a map for players to complete a range of challenges quickly while racking up incredibly high amounts of XP.

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Shipment COD Mobile Release Date

The release of brand-new maps often take place at two points during a season of content.

Some maps often headline the launch of a season, while others are released at the halfway stage in order to provide a new lease of life heading into the second half of the season.

Activision has yet to reveal an exact release date for Shipment, but considering its immense popularity amongst the Call of Duty community, it’s more than likely that it will make an appearance when the new season begins.

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