How to Get Legendary Weapons in COD: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is a pretty solid mobile shooter, even if it does have the same annoying habits that other free-to-play shooters are guilty of.

Not only does the game have a number of in-game purchases for skins, but for better weapons too, which gives some privileged players a bigger advantage over those that can’t spend on a game or choose to grind for the rewards.

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How to Get Legendary Weapons in COD: Mobile

Unsurprisingly, COD: Mobile has tiers for its weapons, with the best one being called Legendary Weapons.

Sadly, if you’re hoping to get one of these COD: Mobile Legendary Weapons through simply playing the game and grinding, that isn’t an option since you have to either purchase the legendary blueprints on the store or reaching a certain tier in the Battle Pass, which you still have to pay for.

You can also gain these legendary blueprints through the game’s “lucky draw” system but that’s ridiculously rare and probably won’t happen, though it’s always worth a shot.

This probably shouldn’t come as a surprise since Activision has become somewhat infamous for their constant use of microtransactions, which is probably why so many of their games make them money, but it's still disappointing.

Gamers are just used to mobile games, particularly the free-to-play ones, being like this and it’s a rough reality we all have to put up with.

At the least, gamers can take some solace in the fact that they don’t actually need Legendary Weapons to get ahead in COD: Mobile.

True, they give players a distinct advantage and they look nice but if you can shoot someone before they know it, regardless of tier, then you won’t have to worry about having to spend on these kinds of games.

Call of Duty: Mobile is now available on iOS and Android as a free-to-play game, though it also has in-game purchases for those that want an advantage.

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