COD Mobile Lunar New Year Event: Start Date, Login Rewards, Challenges, Items, Skins, Crates And Everything We Know

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Season One for COD Mobile is in full swing and as a New Order makes its presence known within the COD Mobile universe, a brand-new limited-time event is taking place from February 11th.

To celebrate Chinese New Year and to mark the first new moon of the lunar calendar, the event will enable players to earn a range of themed cosmetics alongside supply crates that contain a variety of in-game items.

The event will be similar to the Lunar New Year event that took place last January.

Here’s everything we know about COD Mobile’s Lunar New Year event.

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COD Mobile Lunar New Year 2021 Event

Although there has been no official information revealed around the event, COD Mobile leaker @CODM_murdablast discovered that the Korean version of COD Mobile announced the event and its start date, suggesting that it could go live across the world.

As of writing, (February 10th) Activision hasn’t confirmed that the event will take place in other regions, but considering 2020’s event proved extremely popular, it would be surprising to see the event be exclusive to Korean players.

COD Mobile Lunar New Year 2021 Start Date

The Lunar New Year event is said to begin on February 11th and will kick off with players being able to earn a variety of themed rewards by completing a number of challenges.

The start date coincides with the start of Chinese New Year, which takes place on February 12th.

COD Mobile Lunar New Year Challenges

To unlock the supply crates that will be on offer, players will be able to earn points by completing a variety of challenges within COD Mobile’s multiplayer mode.

A full list of challenges and their points value can be found below:

COD Mobile Lunar New Year 2021
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COD Mobile Lunar New Year Rewards

Once players have earned enough points, they can exchange them for supply crates that contain exclusive items.

60 Points will buy one crate, 80 will buy two, 90 will buy three, and 100 points will allow players to buy a total of four crates to open.

What’s inside the crates have yet to be revealed but based off the 2020 event, we can expect some awesome cosmetics and blueprints to be included.

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