Call of Duty Franchise Has Now Generated $27 Billion According To Activision

As part of Activision Blizzard's latest earnings call, the company revealed that the Call of Duty franchise has generated “life to date consumer spending of around $27 billion”.

According to Activision's president and COO Daniel Alegre, that number “makes it one of the most successful entertainment franchises of all time” following its inception in 2003.

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Call of Duty Franchise Has Now Generated $27 Billion According To Activision

In 2020 alone, the franchise pulled in over 250 million players, up from 70 million in 2018 according to CEO Bobby Kotick.

The release of Call of Duty Mobile and battle royale juggernaut Warzone likely helped, with "over 100 million monthly active players" for five consecutive quarters.

As for the more traditional Call of Duty releases, Activision noted that unit sales had grown over 40% year-on-year, with a "strong shift" to digital versions of the game helping to "approximately double the year ago level".

Black Ops Cold War's Season 1 Battle Pass is the most popular one since the model was introduced in late 2019 with Modern Warfare.

For more on Call of Duty, it appears that movement systems in-game have been tweaked – leaving pro players unhappy.

Still, at least the Firebase Z zombies map is out now – complete with easter eggs.

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