When Will The Firebase Z Easter Egg Go Live In Black Ops Cold War Zombies?

It’s a very exciting time to be a Black Ops Cold War Zombies player. After several teasers, the release of the Firebase Z map is right around the corner.

The second chapter of the Dark Aether storyline builds on the events that took place in Die Maschine and will see Requiem attempt to save Samantha Maxis who has headed to Vietnam to meet with an Omega Group informant.

With a new Wonder Weapon arriving as part of the map, players are ready to begin the search for the main Easter Egg quest hidden within the depths of Firebase Z.

The hunt for the Easter Egg has become increasingly popular in recent years, with various teams of four attempting to be the first team in the world to complete the quest.

While the map will go live on February 4th, when exactly will the Firebase Z Easter Egg go live?

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Firebase Z Easter Egg Start Time

Firebase Z Easter Egg Start Time
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Firebase Z is the second chapter of the Dark Aether storyline

As players download the update that will allow them to play Firebase Z, the main Easter Egg will be disabled in order to make sure the community begins the search on equal terms.

It also allows players that may not have a fast internet connection to download the update in enough time so they can take part in the fun!

According to developer Treyarch, the main Easter Egg quest will launch at 10AM PT/ 1PM ET / 6PM GMT on February 5th, giving players an entire weekend to solve the Easter Egg and discover what secrets are hidden within the map.

While it may be annoying for those that want to jump straight into the action, players can still play the map and get to grips with the R.A.I K-84 Wonder Weapon which can be obtained through the infamous mystery box.

Firebase Z Easter Egg Clues

As always, discovering clues throughout the map is the key to solving the main Easter Egg quest in any Zombies game.

So far, there have been little to no clues as to what could be involved with the quest. Could the blueprints that were teased on February 1st hold any clues? We will have to wait and see when the Easter Egg goes live.

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