How To Get The R.A.I. K-84 In Firebase Z

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Firebase Z is the next Zombies map to arrive in Black Ops Cold War Zombies; as part of DLC 1 and Season 1.

Players jumped straight into Die Maschine at launch, uncovering a variety of clues to gain additional context to the mysterious Dr Vogel and his experiments that took place during World War 2.


Now, we have just a week to go until the release of the brand new Firebase Z map.

Teased during the official gameplay trailer, players will be able to check out the brand new R.A.I. K-84 Wonder Weapon.

The process of obtaining this weapon appears to be a lot easier than the previous Wonder Weapon as well.

Here's how to obtain it!

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How To Get The RAI K84 In Firebase Z

The R.A.I. K-84 is available from the mystery box or by building it via the Ultra Blueprint.


Mystery Box

The mystery box costs $950 per spin but doesn't guarantee you'll be able to get it.

The Mystery Box is also only located at the Firebase Z location - so you'll need to teleport from the Village through the teleporter.

It can be expensive to obtain unless luck is on your side, so getting as many Fire Sales as possible can help.

Try completing the trial missions in Firebase Z - these are missions handed out to you when you access the computer terminal near the teleporter.

These will ask you to stay in a location for as long as possible.


Once completed, you'll get a random reward for doing it at the computer terminal.


Alternatively, you can get it for free by crafting it using the Blueprint that's on the map.

There are three parts to collect to allow you to construct this weapon.

The first part is located in the Weapon Lab, on the bench, next to the firing range.

Once you've got the blueprint, you'll need to collect the parts.


Head to the Scorched Defense area behind Mission Control.

On the right path, you'll see a charred body lying next to the tank.

You can interact with this Zombie and steal its eye.

Head back to the Weapon Lab and use the eye to access the computer.

The computer will then go green and the draw will open with a key.


The key is used to open the lockers in the two Barracks.

Use it on all of the lockers until you find the next part.

Once that's done, the final part will only be available from level 15 onwards.

You'll need to kill a Mangler to drop the magazine.

Take the magazine to the Weapon Lab and charge it.


This will take roughly 1-2 rounds to charge up fully.

When the allotted time has passed, you can pick up the magazine.

Finally, you'll need to shoot three numbers on the dartboard back in the village.

But first, you'll need to turn to the computer once again and interact with it.

Once you do that, the circle on the screen will start to move (almost like a sonar).


The section will move round clockwise, stop, go anti-clockwise, stop and finally head clockwise again - these are the three numbers on the dartboard.

These numbers change every game - they are not the same each time.

Once you have the three numbers, head back to the Village through the teleporter.

The Dartboard is located next to the Wunderfizz machine, through the Atrium, to the left of the Pack-A-Punch machine in the Village Mess Hall.

Here you'll need to shoot the board in the order as instructed by the computer and finally the bullseye to finish.

Photo via Geeky Pastimes


The centre of the dartboard will open up and drop the Aetherium Converter.

Now head back to the bench, next to the computer where you got your blueprint and you can now craft the weapon.

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