Firebase Z Easter Egg Steps For Solo And Co-Op (Full Walkthrough)

It's time to save Samantha Maxis in the new Black Ops Cold War Zombies experience Firebase Z.

The Easter Egg was initially locked for one full day after its release, after going live on the 5th February, players managed to solve the Easter Egg in two hours - a World Record!

Update 1.11 was a big one for the Call of Duty title adding a host of new content and most importantly the highly anticipated second map in the Zombies series.

Players completed the Die Maschine Easter Egg in less than 3 hours, showing how vigilant the community truly is.

As we head to Vietnam for the next Zombies adventure, what is the Easter Egg about and do you complete it?

Here's a full walkthrough with all of the steps to complete the Easter Egg in Firebase Z.

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Step 1: Turn On The Power And Activate The Aether Reactors

To turn the power on in Firebase Z, there are a total of three reactors that have to be activated; these are all located in Firebase Z.

Teleport To Firebase Z

You'll start off in the village, needing $1500 to open the door to get to the Teleporter at the top of the Village.

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If you perform a certain jump, you can get up there for FREE!

Here's a guide to doing it:

The Locked Door is marked for you, head up the stairs and follow the arrows until you reach the teleporter.

Enter the teleporter by pressing X or Square.

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Activate Aether Reactor 1

Once at Firebase Z, you'll see three locked gates to the left, right and middle of your current location.

Each gate will lead you to a reactor. Every reactor will cost $2750 to reach and a further $500 to activate the reactor.

The first reactor can be found in Mission Control. Enter the gate on your left, go up the stairs, head straight on and turn right.

Go up to the Aether Reactor in the middle of the room and activate it - you then need to protect the three collection units inside the room.

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As you kill zombies, their souls will be collected into the Units.

You can tell if a unit is being attacked as it will glow red. It's best to do this as early as possible to make it easier to manage.

The Zombies will, most of the time, focus on the Collection Unit rather than you. But, if you get in their way, they will attack you.

After they are fully charged, the reactor will turn on and blast away any remaining zombies.

Activate Aether Reactor 2

The second reactor is located at Military Command as is one of the easier reactors to activate thanks to the open spaces enabling you to train the zombies around the area.

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Activate Aether Reactor 3

The third and final reactor can be found inside the Data Center.

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Once the process has been completed, a pulse of Dark Aether energy will eliminate any remaining enemies and you’ll receive 1000 Points for your troubles.

With the power turned on, you will have the ability to explore the map in its entirety as some doors require the power to be activated in order to open them.

Step 2: Pack-A-Punch Your Weapon

Once you're done activating the power, you'll now have access to the Pack-A-Punch machine.

If you didn't see it, the Pack-A-Punch machine is located behind you at the start of the game.

So head back to the Village, through the teleporter, drop down to the courtyard and head straight through the Atrium.

The Pack-A-Punch machine is located next to Ravenov.

You need to speak to Ravenov to progress in the Easter Egg. Pack-A-Punching your weapon is optional but advised.

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Step 3: Make The Truth Serum

After talking to Ravenov, you'll hear a voice-over from Peck asking you to come and meet him.

Head back to Mission Control in Firebase Z and underneath one of the Collection Units, a set of shutters will be lifted and you will see Peck.

Speak to him and he will talk about how Samantha is in the Dark Aether.

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Head back to Ravenov and he will give you his ID badge.

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You'll need to use this ID badge to open three lockers. The lockers will contain the ingredients for a truth serum.

The first is direct across from you, in the building that leads up to the teleporter.

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Head back to Firebase Z. Go to Engineering, which is the underground section of the building next to the dome.

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Finally, head to the Colonel's office which is the room above the Juggernog machine in the Military Command Control Room.

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Once you have all three, head to the Field Hospital to mix them together.

The process takes about 20 seconds and a bunch of Hell Hounds will spawn in.

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You'll then need to interact with it again to transfer to the Gas Dispersal Device (the blue device on the left).

Then, you can pick up the Gas Dispersal Device.

You maybe getting an idea of what this is for now!

Head back to the Dome structure, outside of the Mission Control building that hosts Peck.

There will be an air vent which you need to attach the Gas Dispersal Device to.

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Head back to Peck and talk to him, He'll start hallucinating and talking a bit more.

You'll be able to engage in another conversation, by interacting with him, which will lead you to the next step.

Step 4: Catch Mimics For The Memory Transference Station

Peck will instruct you to head to the Data Center, on the top floor, is a big computer unit with a picture of a brain on it called a 'Memory Transference Station'.

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Interact with it and you'll be able to take Essence Traps out of the Station.

You'll need to use these on Mimics. But not just any Mimics, they need to be Mimics that spawn out of items on the ground.

As you progress into later rounds, you'll notice items like grenades, salvage and other useful items on the ground.

These are fakes and a Mimic will spawn out of them - you need to catch those Mimics.

Throw an Essence Trap on the floor once you've found and attracted a Mimic.

Once it walks over the trap, double-tap the interaction button (usually X or Square) to activate it.

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They need to be on low health to catch. But, there are specific locations you need to catch them in.

The three locations are:

  • Motor Pool - to the right of the Helipad
  • Military Command Control Room and Colonel's Office - where Juggernog is located
  • Scientist Quarters - above the Atrium/Pack-A-Punch

It doesn't seem to be that you need to catch them in a specific location, rather than catch the Mimic FROM a specific location.

You will also need to progress a round to get it to work for each Mimic.

Head back to the Memory Transference Station and return the Essence Trap to where you found it.

The Station will tell you one of three words when you return a Trap:

  • Sokolov
  • Brahms
  • Zhabin

If it doesn't work the first time, try it again as it does eventually work.

Once done correctly, it will give you a Floppy Disk.

Step 5: Get The R.A.I. K-84 Wonder Weapon

The R.A.I. K-84 is available from the mystery box or by building it via the Ultra Blueprint.

Mystery Box

The mystery box costs $950 per spin but doesn't guarantee you'll be able to get it.

The Mystery Box is also only located at the Firebase Z location - so you'll need to teleport from the Village through the teleporter.

It can be expensive to obtain unless luck is on your side, so getting as many Fire Sales as possible can help.

Try completing the trial missions in Firebase Z - these are missions handed out to you when you access the computer terminal near the teleporter.

These will ask you to stay in a location for as long as possible.

Once completed, you'll get a random reward for doing it at the computer terminal.


Alternatively, you can get it for free by crafting it using the Blueprint that's on the map.

There are three parts to collect to allow you to construct this weapon.

The Blueprint is located in the Weapon Lab, on the bench, next to the firing range.

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Once you've got the blueprint, you'll need to collect the parts.

Head to the Scorched Defense area behind Mission Control.

On the right path, you'll see a charred body lying next to the tank.

You can interact with this Zombie and steal its eye.

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Head back to the Weapon Lab and use the eye to access the computer.

The computer will then go green and the draw will open with a key.

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The key is used to open the lockers in the two Barracks.

Use it on all of the lockers until you find the next part.

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Once that's done, the final part will only be available from level 15 onwards.

You'll need to kill a Mangler to drop the magazine.

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Take the magazine to the Weapon Lab and charge it.

This will take roughly 1-2 rounds to charge up fully.

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When the allotted time has passed, you can pick up the magazine.

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Finally, you'll need to shoot three numbers on the dartboard back in the village.

But first, you'll need to turn to the computer once again and interact with it.

Once you do that, the circle on the screen will start to move (almost like a sonar).

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The section will move round clockwise, stop, go anti-clockwise, stop and finally head clockwise again - these are the three numbers on the dartboard.

These numbers change every game - they are not the same each time.

Once you have the three numbers, head back to the Village through the teleporter.

The Dartboard is located next to the Wunderfizz machine, through the Atrium, to the left of the Pack-A-Punch machine in the Village Mess Hall.

Here you'll need to shoot the board in the order as instructed by the computer and finally the bullseye to finish.

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The centre of the dartboard will open up and drop the Aetherium Converter.

Now head back to the bench, next to the computer where you got your blueprint and you can now craft the weapon.

Step 6: Dig Up The Aether Containers

Head back to the Planning Offices and insert the Flopping Disk in the station that also has a brain on the screen.

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This will open up the door to OPC (the big Dome outside from where you are) and reveal a destabilised Aether portal.

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Once again, talk to Peck in Mission Control and he will tell you how to stabilise the portal.

Next, find the locker in Mission Control and Ravenov will give you a code to open it.

Inside the locker will be an Aethermeter.

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This device helps you find items that are buried underground - to get them, you'll need to dig them up with a shovel!

The shovel is located in the left bunker in the Scorched Defense area.

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Head to the Open Lot, below the Planning Offices and you'll find an Aether Container.

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Now a bunch of Aether Containers will spawn around the map.

You need to make sure you pick the correct one as the Mimics are mimicking this object.

The Mimic Aether Containers have a darker mist and the correct one is lighter; so take your time!

If you get it wrong, you'll have to start again and wait until the next round.

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The next location is in the Jungle defense, outside of the Data Center.

This will start a lockdown survival sequence that will require you to last for 2-3 minutes

Make sure your whole team is in the area because anyone outside of it will take damage and eventually die.

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The final one will require the R.A.I. K-84 Wonder Weapon to complete; so if you haven't got it yet, you'll need to get it.

This Aether Container is located between the Field Hospital and the Data Center in a place called 'Barracks'.

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The Container will move around the map and you need to shoot it with a charged bullet from the R.A.I. K-84.

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You'll then need to go and deposit the Aether Containers in all of the Aether Reactors.

Once charged up, take them to the OPC with the unstable Aether Portal.

This will destroy the portal - that's right, Peck tricked you.

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Step 7: Align The Satellites

The characters will start talking and you'll now need to bring power back to the base by aligning the satellites.

Head to the Planning Offices and you'll see a big computer monitor.

This will start up once interacted with and you need to move the beacon and find the satellite with the question mark on it.

When you find it, activate it!

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When done right, peck will start talking and you'll notice outside an orbital beam that will power up the base.

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Head to the OPC and you'll be able to interact with the console. This will start up the boss fight.

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Step 8: The Boss Fight

Before you go into the boss fight, be sure to have as many perks and Pack-A-Punch weapons as you can!

This boss fight is rather straight forward as Orda just stands still - BUT DO NOT GO UNDERNEATH IT OR YOU WILL GET ONE SHOT DOWNED.

Take your time with this one, kill the mini-bosses and other zombies first and then when you have a spare moment attack Orda.

The R.A.I. K-84 is very effective against it, so make sure everyone has one.

You have the Wunderfizz machine, buildable bench, armor repair station and Pack-A-Punch so you'll be well equipped to finish this!

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That's all there is to it! Check out a full video guide here:

Ending Cutscene

The ending cutscene, although not exciting, does set up the scene for the next map!

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