How To Open Colonel Kravchenko's Safe With Sergei's Head And Get A Free Perk In Firebase Z

While Zombies is no stranger to dishing out free perks, the new Firebase Z map contains two ways to grab a free perk!

The second Black Ops Cold War Zombies map brings back the coffin dance meme/easter egg that rewards a free Juggernog.

Now, you can get another free perk by opening up Colonel Kravchenko's safe!

Remember him? The Antagonist actually has an office at Firebase Z and we're going to steal something of his!

Here's how to do open Colonel Kravchenko's safe.

How To Open Colonel Kravchenko's Safe In Firebase Z

Before you start this quest, you're going to need to complete a large portion of the main Firebase Z Easter Egg.

Specifically, you need to complete the first 3 steps and unlock the Memory Transference Station.

Once you've done that, you can proceed with this section of the Easter Egg.

Step 1: Find Segei's Head

While Sergei's head spawns in a random location each game, there is a way to narrow it down.

Sergei's head spawns around the outer edges of the Firebase Z facility - specifically in the defence areas.

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Once done, head to the Field Hospital and place his head on the charging plate.

This is the table near the Data Center.

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Step 2: Catch A Zombie

Next, weaken a Zombie and catch it using the Essence Trap.

The Essence Trap is obtained from the Memory Transference Station.

Make sure the Zombie is on very low health, otherwise it will not stay caught.

Once done, the Essence Trap will glow purple.

Head back to the table and place the Essence Trap in the small machine.

The head will reanimate briefly before exploding!

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Step 3: Open The Safe!

Now that's done, you're basically finished!

Just head to the Colonel's Office and open the safe to claim your free perk!

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Check out the full video tutorial here!

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