How To Do The Coffin Dance Die Maschine Easter Egg

Players have been checking out the new Call of Duty ever since it released, and this is the first Call of Duty on next-gen consoles as well.

There is a lot of content within the new game, including the brand new zombie's map.

Die Maschine is one of the best maps we have seen within the zombie's game mode.

There is a lot to unpack here, including the massive easter egg.

However, there are also mini easter eggs that Treyarch has added all over the game mode.

One of these includes the legendary Coffin dance viral meme. Somehow Treyarch has managed to add this to zombies.

Here's how to activate it! 

How To Do The Coffin Dance Easter Egg In Die Maschine

The process of unlocking this meme easter egg is one of the simpler ones.

You are going to need to load up a zombie's game and unlock the pack a punch.

This can be easily done, but if you do not know how to complete this; check out our guide here. 

Once you have activated the pack a punch, all you have to do next is shoot five different shining blue orbs within the pack a punch room.

These are all hidden somewhat around the room, but spawn in the exact same order each game.

Doing this will then trigger the hilarious meme!

TheGamingRevolution has posted a YouTube video noting the locations of all orbs.

Check it out below! 

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