Black Ops Cold War

13 Nov 2020

Die Maschine Easter Egg Steps: How To Complete In Solo And Co-Op

Black Ops Zombies is in full swing with players constantly on the lookout for Easter Eggs

Die Maschine is a fresh start for the Zombies story that has expanded since its debut back in 2008.

What better way to jump into this new beginning than returning to the original Zombies map - Nacht Der Untoten.

After the Die Maschine Easter Egg was set live on the night of the launch, our crafty community cracked the solution in just under 3 hours of it going live.

The Zombies Community has made light work of previous Easter Eggs that have been put in-front of them, including the Pawn Takes Pawn teasers in the run-up to launch of Black Ops Cold War.

So how can you complete the Die Maschine Easter Egg? Here's an extensive guide on how to complete it thanks to YouTuber NoahJ456!

Looking for a specific step? Click the links below:

Step 1: Get A D.I.E. Shockwave Wonder Weapon

First, you'll need to get your first D.I.E. weapon! But in order to get that, you'll need to turn on the power and build the Pack-A-Punch machine in the Dark Aether.

Once you've done that, in the proceeding rounds you'll encounter a glowing radioactive zombie known as the Megaton.. The Zombie will split into two. Once you kill the second half it will drop a golden keycard.

Photo via NoahJ456

Next, head down to the Weapons Lab and to the drawer with the blinking light.

Insert your golden keycard and in exchange, you will get the D.I.E. Remote Control.

Photo via NoahJ456

Head up to the Nacht Der Untoten building and you'll spot a doored off room with a machine in it.

This is called the 'D.I.E.' and it requires the remote to be turned on.

You need to activate it (done by standing near the hole in the wall) and then train a horde of zombies towards the machine and it will suck them up.

Photo via NoahJ456

The machine needs to have sucked up enough souls, so keep training them until you are able to interact with it again (be careful as there's not a lot of space and the machine won't suck them all up).

Head back to the hole in the wall and discharge the device. This will cause the door on the room to blow up.

Head to the door of the room and you'll spot a skeleton holding the D.I.E. Shockwave; pick it up and you have a free Wonder Weapon

Note: This is the base rarity of this weapon. It can also be obtained through the mystery box.

Step 2: Upgrade To The D.I.E. Cryo-Emitter

You'll need to start the upgrade quest for your Wonder Weapon.

Head to the roof of the Nacht Der Untoten building and shoot the wooden box off the roof. Head back down to wear it lands and you'll see an empty flask on the ground; pick it up.

Photo via NoahJ456

There will be a tree near the flask with a strange mushroom growing on it.

You need to stand near it and get one of the boss zombies to shoot you.

This will start a strange reaction and the mushroom will start leaking. You need to place the flash underneath it and let it collect the fluid.

You need to wait a period of time, a round doesn't need to pass, but you can kill the boss zombies to collect a keycard and then pick up the flask.

Photo via NoahJ456

Head down to the Med Bay, melt the chains off the crate and you will be able to upgrade to the D.I.E. Cryo-Emitter.

Photo via NoahJ456

Step 3: Upgrade To The D.I.E Nova-5

You'll need to get the D.I.E. Shockwave again and pick up an empty Canister in the top of Nacht Der Untoten.

Photo via NoahJ456

Head to the basement of the Weapons Lab and place the canister into the tanks (which is to the right of Deadshot Daquiri).

Photo via NoahJ456

You need to get the canister to absorb the gas. Wait for a plague hound to attack you nearby, kill it and the gas will be absorbed.

The canister will absorb all of this gas. Pick it back up, head to the spawn area and place the canister on the box with vines on it, shoot it, the vines will melt and out will pop the D.I.E. Nova-5.

Photo via NoahJ456

Step 4: Build The Aetherscope

Now it's time to get stuck into the Easter Egg itself.

Enter the Dark Aether and you'll need to find three Aetherscope Parts - they can spawn in one of three locations:

  • Crash Site
  • Pack-A-Punch
  • Spawn

These parts will spawn one at a time and you may have to enter a few times to get them all.

The first is located on top of the Crashed Plane at the Crash Site.

Photo via NoahJ456

The second is located in the Pack-A-Punch room/Particle Accelerator.

Photo via NoahJ456

Finally, the last one is located in the Yard under the stairs.

Photo via NoahJ456

Then, head to the buildable bench near the Particle Accelerator and build the Aetherscope!

Step 5: Activate Doctor Vogel's Computer

This next step requires a lot of work in the Dark Aether, so you will need to be quick in doing this next step if you want to do it in a minimal number of trips.

Head back into the Dark Aether and collect Doctor Vogel's Diary, which is near the computer terminal in the Medical Bay.

Photo via NoahJ456

Head directly underneath and you'll see a floating spirit. Interact with it once to summon Vogel's ghost and another time to give him his diary.

Doctor Vogel will start talking, while you need to ensure you survive against the zombies.

Photo via NoahJ456

Once done, you'll need to do it again, but this time in the Control Room.

Photo via NoahJ456

Finally, you will need to head back to the buildable bench to summon Vogel for one final time.

He will then give you the computer password (he gives you one letter for each speech).

Photo via NoahJ456

Head back to the computer terminal where you found Vogel's diary in the normal map and enter the password on the computer.

Photo via NoahJ456

Now the final two Wonder Weapon upgrades are available, which you will need to acquire in order to complete the Easter Egg.

Step 6: Upgrade To The D.I.E. Electrobolt

Once you've finished the last step, a Dark Aether portal will spawn around the corner for you to enter to upgrade to the D.I.E. Electrobolt.

Photo via NoahJ456

You can only enter through this one to complete this next step (if you run out of time, continue to play until it respawns).

You'll need to suck the energy from three crystals to get a supercharged D.I.E. Shockwave shot.

Photo via NoahJ456

The first is located in the Crash Site. Suck up the crystal's energy and head back to where you enter the Dark Aether portal and shoot the case with three lights.

Photo via NoahJ456

The second is located at the top of Nacht Der Untoten.

Once you've sucked the energy, head back to the case and shoot it for a second time.

Photo via NoahJ456

Finally, head to the Pond and suck up the final crystal energy.

Photo via NoahJ456

Head back to the case, shoot it a third time and it will open giving you the D.I.E. Electrobolt.

Step 7: Upgrade To The D.I.E. Thermophasic

Finally, you'll need to grab the last Wonder Weapon upgrade.

You'll need to have taken each of the fast travel systems in the Dark Aether once.

There's one under the plane at the Crash Site, One in Nacht Der Untoten that leads to the Wonder Weapon room and one in the Pond area.

Once you enter the Dark Arther portal near the pond area, the crashed plane will float up and you can grab the fuse that was sat underneath it.

Photo via NoahJ456

Next, head to Weapons Lab and go to the left of Deadshot Daquiri. Enter the fuse into the Plasma Cutter.

Photo via NoahJ456

Once done, head back to the normal world and on the top of the truck near the Pond will be a box holding the D.I.E. Thermophasic.

Photo via NoahJ456

Step 8: Decontaminate The Subject

The computer will now say it needs more power. You need to shoot the vessel suspended above you in the medical bay with each Wonder Weapon upgrade.

Each one responds to a different upgrade, so you will need to try shooting them all. If successful, the legs will point upwards.

Photo via NoahJ456

Head back into the Dark Aether, go to the top floor and there will be another floating spirit. Interact with it.

You'll see two soldiers who have stolen an item, which you now need to track down.

Photo via NoahJ456

You'll now be booted out of the Dark Aether and back into the normal world where you'll see a Dark Aether Wrench sat on the ground; pick it up.

Photo via NoahJ456

Head to the Tank in the yard and you'll be able to interact with the Tank. Do this multiple times and a Zombie will pop out of the hatch.

Photo via NoahJ456

Kill the Zombie that pops out. Craft the Semtex grenade and throw it at the little hatch that is now sticking upwards (where the Zombie came out).

This will cause the Tank to fire a missile at a tree. Head over to the tree located in the Crash Site and you'll be able to pick up the Decontamination Agent.

Photo via NoahJ456

Head all the way back to where you grabbed the Dark Aether Wrench and insert it into the glass case on the wall.

Photo via NoahJ456

The computer will then tell you it's waiting for a subject. You now need to wait and survive until a radioactive boss zombie spawns in.

Lead him under the vessel in the Medical Bay, force him to split into two and he will be sucked inside.

Photo via NoahJ456

Head back to the computer terminal, activate the vessel and the subject will be turned back into one being (all players must be there to activate it).

In fact, he is now a human being who's name is Orlov. He can speak and will inform you he's scared and runaway.

Photo via NoahJ456

Be careful once this is done as plenty of dog and boss zombies will spawn so get out of there ASAP.

Head back into the Dark Aether and to the Nacht Der Untoten building. You'll spot another spirit, this time of Orlov (the zombie you just turned into a human).

Interact with him for the final mini-cutscene before the boss fight.

Photo via NoahJ456

Step 9: Boss Fight

WARNING: Before you do anything more, make sure you are ready for the boss fight! Do any last-minute upgrades, perks and grab anything else you need as there is no going back.

You will be kicked back into the normal world after speaking to Orlov.

To enter the boss fight, you'll need to pick up Orlov's family photo where his spirit left

Photo via NoahJ456

You'll be teleported to the Pack-A-Punch room (the Particle Accelerator) where Orlov will be waiting for you.

Orlov recognises his family in the family photo you give him and he wants to shut down the Particle Accelerator. So, your mission is to survive and protect Orlov.

A lot of zombies will spawn in, but more importantly, a lot of boss zombies will spawn in. 

Our advice is to rain fire on the boss zombies with your Wonder Weapons, ignore the other zombies as they won't be much of a threat.

You'll want to do this for two reasons: they're the strongest zombies and do the most damage but also drop ammo when you kill them.

Resources will be scarce, so you need to keep your supply up. You can replenish ammo from the wall, but it costs 10,000 points and isn't sustainable.

Depending on your party size, one of you should be protecting Orlov and the rest should be killing zombies.

Orlov will move around the Particle Accelerator, so be sure to follow and protect him. If he takes too much damage you will fail the entire thing.

Once complete, the screen will turn white and purple.

Step 10: Exfil


To complete the Easter Egg, you now need to escape the facility and you have 90 seconds to do it.

Avoid the electricity as you will die. Only one player needs to reach the helicopter to complete the Easter Egg.

From the Weapons Lab, head up to the Control Room, through to the Tunnel, up and out right towards the Crash Site and all the way down to the Pond.

Wait for the Helicopter to lower itself and interact with it to get in! That's it, you're done!

There is, unfortunately, no cutscene for this Eater Egg.

Be sure to check out Noah's full guide here!