Die Maschine: How To Get The Aether Scope - Parts Locations And How To Build It

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Black Ops Zombies has finally returned with the launch of Black Ops Cold War!

Players are getting stuck into the next Zombies story and it's being incredibly well received.


Players have already managed to solve the Die Maschine Easter Egg in under 3 hours of it going live.

Part of the Easter Egg requires you to visit the Dark Aether and get the Aether Scope!

So where is it and how do you get it?

Here's a full guide on how to get the Aether scope!


How To Build The Aetherscope In Die Maschine

Now it's time to get stuck into the Easter Egg itself.

Enter the Dark Aether and you'll need to find three Aetherscope Parts - they can spawn in one of three locations:

  • Crash Site
  • Pack-A-Punch
  • Spawn

These parts will spawn one at a time and you may have to enter a few times to get them all.

The first is located on top of the Crashed Plane at the Crash Site.


Photo via NoahJ456

The second is located in the Pack-A-Punch room/Particle Accelerator.

Photo via NoahJ456


Finally, the last one is located in the Yard under the stairs.

Photo via NoahJ456

Then, head to the buildable bench near the Particle Accelerator and build the Aetherscope!


Be sure to check out Noah's full guide here!

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