Where Is The Mystery Box In Firebase Z?

Now with players getting stuck into the new Zombies experience, Firebase Z, you may want to try out many different weapons.

While you can start with a weapon of choice, or buy weapons off the wall, there are plenty of powerful and random weapons at your disposal.

But, you need to find the Mystery Box first! But where is the Mystery Box?

Here's how to find the location of the Mystery Box in Firebase Z.

How To Find The Mystery Box In Firebase Z

The mystery box spawn location is completely random but will spawn in one of a few locations around the map.

The Mystery Box will move after a certain number of opens, so be ready to move.

Where will it go? The box will appear on a set of cinder blocks with a teddy bear on it.

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You'll need to open the gates in Firebase Z to access the Mystery Box

If ever you're having trouble locating the Mystery Box, simply look up into the sky and you'll see a bright lining shining down to its location.

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Look up to the sky to find the box!

It's important to note that the Mystery Box is only available at Firebase Z and not in the Village (where you start).

The Mystery Box is important as it's an easy way to access the new R.A.I. K-84 Wonder Weapon.

It all gives you a quick and cheap way to grab new and powerful weapons.

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