How to Unlock Diamond Camo in COD: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile could have easily been a cheap way to let mobile players have their own Call of Duty game, but it has managed to earn a spot in many gamers’ hearts due to the great controls and graphics.

The game also has a ton of content you can unlock, some of which is free through grinding, while others will require players to give some cash to the devil itself; Activision.

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How to Unlock Diamond Camo in COD: Mobile

However, there are the coveted Diamond Camo weapons that cannot be purchased through money and can only be earned through a lot of gameplay.

We really mean a lot too, because if you’re planning on having one of these, prepare to lose sleep and be really frustrated with the game, to the point that you might stop playing COD: Mobile and try another shooter like Fortnite.

So if you want the Diamond Camo for Assault Rifles, you will need 10 kills for 150 games. Yes, that’s 10 kills per game and you need to do that 150 times.

SMGs, Sniper Rifles, LMGs, and Shotguns are slightly easier, as they all need 10 kills for 120 games, which is 30 less than 150 so that’s something.

Pistols only need 10 kills for 80 games, making it the easiest and hardest camo to get since these are pretty weak weapons.

If that wasn’t hard enough for you, wait until you get to unlocking the COD: Mobile Diamond Camo for Melee attacks and Launchers.

You will need to get 500 melee kills in total for the melee Diamond Camo, while Launchers need 100 UAV takedowns with each launcher, so that’s a lot of time to waste.

While having Diamond Camo in COD: Mobile is definitely a badge of respect, among other things, it’s clear that they might be too time-consuming and we don’t begrudge anyone who thinks they’re a visual reward that doesn’t need that much time, though your weapons will look cool.

Still, if you’re up for it, then definitely give it a shot and prepare to call COD: Mobile your dream game.

Call of Duty: Mobile is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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