COD Mobile: How To Set Up And Play 1v1 Matches

Throughout the history of the Call of Duty franchise, showcasing your skills in a one-versus-one duel against another opponent is often viewed as the ultimate proving ground for players to show that they are better than each other.

Whether it’s a race to ten kills with a quick-firing MP5 on Shipment or a battle of quick reactions in a sniper rifle face-off on Rust, 1v1 matches and Call of Duty go hand in hand.

With the popular first-person shooter franchise continuing to grow its fanbase through the mobile version of the game, friends and rivals have been after a way to set up 1v1 matches in order to settle their differences.

For those wanting to play 1v1 matches, there is a way to set up a lobby perfect for this kind of skirmish.

Here’s how to set up and play 1v1 matches on COD Mobile.

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How To Set Up A 1v1 Match

COD Mobile How To Set Up 1v1 Match
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Firstly, select the multiplayer option from the COD Mobile main menu.

When on the main holding screen, press the ‘Private’ tab which can be found at the bottom of the screen.

Once you’ve loaded into the lobby, invite your challenger into the lobby by opening the drop-down menu and selecting the player in question.

Next, press the button above the ‘Start’ tab and scroll along to the ‘1v1 Duel’ option. Press ‘confirm’ and head back to the pre-game lobby.

With the Gulag, Saloon, and Killhouse available to play, select a map of your choice before the action gets underway.

Before you’re ready to begin the match, make sure you’ve equipped the best possible loadout in order to get the upper hand over your opponent

Once you and your opponent are ready, hit ‘Start’ and away you go!

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