COD Mobile Season 1: Reclaim Map Guide – Key Hotspots, Best Weapons To Use And More

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The brand-new season for Call of Duty: Mobile is LIVE!

Although the new season will be the fourteenth for COD Mobile, Activision as opted to start from scratch for 2021, returning to Season One.

As always, a brand-new season marks the launch of a wealth of content including new weapons, Operator skins, cosmetics, and multiplayer maps.

The latest addition to the map pool isn’t taken from another Call of Duty title, but a brand-new map named Reclaim.

Set in an abandoned shopping mall, the medium-sized map has plenty of potential to play host to plenty of high-octane action.

Find a full overview of the map, including the best areas to control, the best weapons to use and more!

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Reclaim Map

COD Mobile Reclaim Map
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Still covered in Christmas decorations, Reclaim features a wide central walkway filled with cover while a bridge overlooking the middle pathway is the ideal place to pick off an opponent with a sniper rifle.

Thanks to a number of ways to access the upper floor of the map, the battle for the height advantage is likely to be filled with frenzied gunfire from quick-firing SMGs and powerful shotgun slugs.

The Christmas tree at one end of the map makes for the perfect piece of cover when attempting to access the pathways to the upper floor, but with so much cover, it can be very easy to be ambushed by players hiding out of sight.

Key Hotspots

The Bridge

Reclaim map cod mobile
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With clear sightlines of the ground floor, the bridge is the perfect place to secure control of the map and unleash a wave of fire on anyone dodging in and out of cover below.

The combination of sniper rifle and shotgun can thrive when locking down the bridge. The sniper comes into a league of its own when it comes to long-distance engagements while the shotgun is the perfect tool to deal with any enemies in close proximity.

The Shops

Reclaim Map best hiding spots
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Image via Call of Duty: Mobile

If the action on the bridge becomes too hot to handle, the shops on the upper floor are a great place to catch your breath before getting back into the action.

With plenty of players often attempting to catch a break, the action that players try to avoid can easily transition into the shops where the likelihood of encountering an opponent is very high.

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Best Weapons To Use

Considering the small nature of the map, light machine guns and some assault rifles that can hinder mobility speeds are out of the question.


The HBRa3 is a solid weapon of choice thanks to its extreme versatility, giving you the ability to eliminate opponents in every scenario imaginable.

The Cordite is also another weapon that will excel on Reclaim. As one of the easiest weapons to use in the entire game, giving you the ability to score a high number of kills with ease.

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