COD Mobile Season 2 'Day of Reckoning' LEAKS: Release Date, Battle Pass Rewards, Test Server, Theme, Characters, Maps, Weapons, Zombies And Everything We Know

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COD Mobile has entered a new order as part of its latest season of post-launch content.

To signify its second year, the seasons have started from the beginning once again, meaning we are in Season One.

Although a lot of focus is still on Season One, players are beginning to wonder what could be on the horizon when Season Two releases.

With several leaks and rumours already beginning to emerge, Season Two could be the biggest season to date.

Here’s absolutely everything we know about Season Two!

Latest News

Season 2 Patch Notes - 8th March

@CODM_murdablast has been at it again. This time around, they've released a video unveiling details on what's going to be included in the Season Two patch. 

Check out the video below:

Battle Pass Leaked - 8th March

@CODM_Updates has unveiled the brand-new Battle Pass for Season 2!

COD Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass
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The Battle Pass will contain four characters, 4 Epic weapons, and so much more.

Charly Operator - 4th March

According to Activision, a brand-new Operator is arriving in Season Two. 

Modern Warfare's Charly Operator will be the latest female Operator to be added to the game, joining the likes of Outrider, Harris, and Vivian.

Even More Leaks! - 4th March

CODM_Murda has been at it again! The leaker has posted yet another video detailing a range of changes to COD Mobile's Rank UI alongside many other changes that are likely to arrive in Season Two.

New Leaks - 3rd March

CODM_Murda has posted a series of new videos, which notes some of the battle pass items along with new bundles coming in Season 2! 

AS-VAL and SPR-208 Gameplay - 3rd March

CODM_Murda has posted a new video with gameplay footage of the new weapons coming to COD Mobile! 

Check it out below. 

Ghost Coming - 3rd March

The official COD Mobile Twitter account has confirmed that Ghost from Modern Warfare 2019 will be coming with the release of the new season! 

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AS-VAL Weapon Teased - 21st February

The official Call of Duty Mobile Twitter account has teased a brand-new weapon that is making an appearance in Season 2.

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Judging by the image above, the AS-VAL assault rifle from the 2019 reboot of Modern Warfare is coming in Season 2.

New Weapon - SKS Marksman Rifle

This new Marksman rifle is expected to hit the battlefield at the start of the new season!

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With high accuracy and damage, this rifle hit pack a punch, but you'll need to be fairly accurate if you want to deal some damage.

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There is also a new Melee weapon coming in Season 2... 

New Melee Weapon - 9th February

First spotted in the Chinese version of the game, a new melee weapon has been discovered.

The gloves provide an instant kill when used, perfect for those close-quarters engagements.

COD Mobile Gloves Melee Weapon
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COD Mobile Season 2 Release Date and Time

The Season One Battle Pass is set to end on March 10th, suggesting that the new season will begin on March 11th.

Although this might be a while away, there is still plenty of Season One content to experience.

We also know of the Seaosn 2 release time, from a post on reddit. 

the official COD Mobile acount said "It should be a day or two before the Season release next week, which is currently set for Wednesday March 10th at 4 pm (PT)".

This means everyone will have access to the new season at 4pm PT (12am GMT).

Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards

As always, the start of a new season means that there will be brand-new rewards that can be earned by working your way through the Battle Pass.

Typically, the Battle Pass features a variety of cosmetic items including new Operator skins, camouflages, and more and it’s more than likely that more of the same will be on the cards for Season Two.

Season 2 Test Server

The test server for Season Two went live on February 6th and contains a wealth of features that are expected to be released in March.

To access the test server, Android users can click here to download it and those on iOS can click here.

Season 2 Theme

The theme for the upcoming season has yet to be confirmed by Activision, but we can expect it to build on the theme of a “New Order” taking hold of the COD Mobile universe.

Season 2 Characters

After some further digging within the files of the game, @CODM_murdablast revealed that audio recordings for Raul Menendez were in the files of the game.

As well, the official COD Mobile Twitter account has confirmed that Ghost from Modern Warfare 2019 will be arriving with the new season. 

COD Mobile Raul Menendez
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Season 2 Maps

So far, there will be a total of four new maps arriving during the season.

Shoothouse and Shipment from Modern Warfare are set to make their respective debuts alongside Satellite from Black Ops Cold War and brand-new map Oasis.

Season 2 Weapons

It has now been leaked via CODM_Murda that the AS-VAL and SPR-208 will be arriving with the new season! 

Season 2 Perks

Discovered in the test server by @CODM_Updates, there will be three new Perks appearing as part of Season Two.

The first is Overclock and reduces the recharge rate of an Operator Skill when equipped.

The second is Recon which reveals the location of nearby enemies after scoring a kill.

The third is Skillful Dropshot and enables players to go prone when firing their weapon.

Season 2 Scorestreaks

A new scorestreak is set to arrive in Season Two.

The Napalm Strike from Black Ops Cold War has been found in the test server. The streak calls in a deadly layer of napalm across a specific area of the map.

Early gameplay of it in action can be watched by clicking here.

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