COD Mobile Leaks Reveal New Zombies Mode, Weapon Prestige And New Maps

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The second season of 2021 for COD Mobile is well underway and as players continue to enjoy the chaos of Shipment, the latest update to go live in China has revealed some very interesting details regarding brand-new content that could arrive in other regions.

The Chinese market is often the first to receive updates for the popular mobile version of Call of Duty. The update that went live on March 24th includes brand-new maps, an all-new Zombies mode, and a Prestige system, a heavily-requested feature from the community.

While there is every chance that some of the content may remain exclusive to the region, the likelihood of all three of the features mentioned above arriving inother regions is extremely high.

Here’s everything you need to need to know about the new content.

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New Zombies Mode

According to @CODM_Updates, the update features a heavy focus on Zombies content, and players were quick to spot a brand-new mode on the main menu.

COD Mobile Zombies Mode 2021
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Other players loaded into the game and were greeted with a completely different menu background that would be extremely familiar to fans of Call of Duty Zombies.

COD Mobile Shi No Numa Zombies
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Image courtesy of @PlayCODNews

Shi No Numa is clearly visible in the background having made a short appearance as part of the Raid mode that first appeared in 2019. Could the map be a part of the brand-new mode?

New Multiplayer Map


COD Mobile Monastery Map
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Image courtesy of @DannyINTEL

Alongside the Zombies content, a brand-new multiplayer map was added to the pool.

Monastery features an all-new design with plenty of indoor and outdoor areas along with several chokepoints that enable plenty of close-quarters action.

Check out the map layout below!

COD Mobile Monastery Map Layout
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COD Mobile Prestige System

Perhaps not a significant as the return of Zombies or the addition of a new map, eagle-eyed players have spotted a unique emblem seemingly revealing the addition of weapon prestiges to COD Mobile.

COD Mobile Weapon Prestige
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Image courtesy of @DannyINTEL

A progress bar along with new rewards can be seen underneath the emblem, potentially suggesting that there will be multiple prestige levels for each weapon in the arsenal.

There’s no sign of a Rank Prestige system in this update, but the addition of weapon prestige is certainly a welcome addition.

We will have to wait until future COD Mobile patches to see which content included in the Chinese update is added on a global scale.

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