How To Level Up Fast In COD Mobile Season 4

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COD Mobile Season 4 has arrived and you'll want to know how to level up as fast as possible!

If you're trying to unlock rewards in your battle pass, we've got the best tips to rank up fast.


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How To Level Up Fast In COD Mobile Season 4

  1. Use Weapons Skins with XP Bonuses
  2. Play With a Clan
  3. Winning Will Earn you More XP
  4. Play objective game modes
  5. Get lots of kills
  6. Complete challenges


Use Weapons Skins with XP Bonuses

Certain weapons have skins that reward you with XP bonuses just for using them.


These weapons can be purchased in the shop and will increase your XP after every match.

cod mobile season 4 weapons

Play With a Clan

By playing in a clan you'll earn you extra XP after every match.

You don’t need to be in a big clan to earn extra points, just create a clan for yourself and either invite friends or open it up to anyone to join.

You'll earn extra XP after matches for clan rewards.



Winning Will Earn you More XP

If you want to maximise your XP earnt, you'll need to ensure you win games.

The XP is arguably small at the time, but if you're winning regularly you can rank up A LOT of XP in the grand scheme.

cod mobile season 4 level up fast

Play Objective Game Modes

By playing objective game modes, the games will last longer. That means you'll earn more XP than a shorter game.

Not only that, but playing around objectives will grant you bonus XP for capturing, defending and attacking them.



Get Lots Of Kills

The biggest earner of XP is killing your opponents.

If you're not engaging in fights you're not likely to get a lot of XP in matches.

You certainly don't lose XP for dying, so keep that in mind!

Complete Challenges

Completing challenges will grant you bonus XP.


Complete gun challenges and objective challenges will grant you bonus XP so be sure to check out what challenges you need to complete!